Are you an HR Director or Manager seeking online wellbeing, resilience, productivity programmes?

Would you like to build your confidence in your career, business or personal life?

Are you an HR Director seeking online resilience or productivity programmes ?

Would you like to build your confidence in your career, business or personal life?

ANNOUNCEMENT! Me and my co-author, fellow psychologist Rod Vincent, are absolutely delighted to present the COVER of our new book.

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Super Helper Syndrome Jess Baker Rod Vincent Psychologistst

When a BBC World News producer called to invite me to give my expert opinion on the psychological impact of working from home, and then tells me they’ve changed the topic literally 20 seconds before going live on air…well…watch for yourself!

Women's Leadership Coach

As a psychologist I’m passionate about helping people to be their best version of themselves: to live according to their core values, and signature strengths and to achieve their ideal self.

My specialism of working with women stems from the fact that no matter how capable or senior we are, we continue to doubt our own self-worth (and given the extant pay gap, so does society, it seems).

Much of my work with women is driven by an organisation’s need to increase the number of capable women in senior roles. I deliver leadership programmes, develop talent pipelines and facilitate co-coaching and mentoring circles.

A lot of women come to me seeking personal support. As well as 1:1 coaching and small group workshops, I also run free online courses and membership coaching programmes. I draw on my own personal and professional experience to share practical techniques that enhance confidence and promote self-compassion.

Business Psychologist

This grin represents how I feel when helping clients to improve their business or their employee’s working lives in some way.

My ten years’ (plus) consulting experience includes designing and delivering programmes on leadership development, culture change, assessment, talent management, team-building and employee engagement. I’ve worked with a wide range of organisations across private and public sectors, started a few failed ventures, and learned a lot as a Senior HR manager in the financial services. 

I’m a Chartered Psychologist, an Associate Fellow, British Psychological Society, and a Principle Practitioner member of The Association of Business Psychologists.

I’m also a real person with a silly sense of humour, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for getting things done. See the Business Psychology page for more details, or drop me a line to talk through your ideas.

Jess Baker psychologist speaker

Speaker & Events

I've been told that I'm a natural facilitator and an engaging speaker. All I know is that I love doing both.

From keynote speaker slots for corporate clients (e.g. International Women's Day, CoOp 2018, FSA 2019) and annual business conferences (Women Into Leadership), to speaking at wellbeing events and fesitvals (e.g. Bloom, London Olympia since 2016; Orbti Fitness Festival 2019).

Do you like podcasts? I love discussing all things related to Empowering Yourself, how to Tame Your Inner Critic, tackling the Imposter Syndrom, and why pursuing Self-Compassion is essential.

I'm often asked for my expert opinion on BBC Radio, online articles and in print magazines (e.g. Boots Health & Beauty, Very, NatWest Business etc.), and although I found this daunting at first (I  do practice what I preach, honest) these days I'm delighted to share useful, practical tips. 

The Super-Helper Syndrome Cover Reveal

The Super-Helper Syndrome cover can now be revealed . . . Drum roll please . . .   There’s a type of person out there who is better at helping others than they are at looking after themselves. Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you know someone who is. They are the...

The Compassionate Life

In our forthcoming book, The Super-Helper Syndrome, the final chapter is called the compassionate life. Without giving away too much of a spoiler, that chapter comes back to Jess’ own life history which had popped up earlier in the book. The final chapter starts with...

Compassionate Leadership

Empathy says, 'I feel your pain'.​Compassion says, 'What can I do to relieve it?' (Jess Baker)   Being kinder to others as well as yourself has a place in your professional life as well as your personal life. Researchers have been examining what it means to be a...

Long Covid & Mindfulness

"ALL I CAN SMELL IS CIGARETTE SMOKE" Have you heard of Phantosmia? I've had it for 6 days now, and it's challenged everything I know about living mindfully. ​​It has quite literally been doing my head in. I wouldn't mind if I was smelling imaginary roses, freshly mown...

People-Pleaser: Meeting Your Own Needs

Are you a People-Pleaser? Watch out! If you've got strong people-pleaser tendencies, you are likely to accommodate other people's needs readily. Maybe you suspect someone you know is a people-pleaser, so I will break this down a little further: You accommodate other...

Choose To Help

International Day of Happiness It's the UN's International Day of Happiness today and their theme is 'Choose to Help' - how perfect for us!   Firstly, Happiness Can I be totally honest? I loathe the idea of 'pursuing' of happiness. I know it sounds negative, but...

How to Survive Exhaustion – Part 1

Exhausted Helpers - This one's for you Do you know what exhaustion feels like? Meet Kim, she's a nurse, or in her words 'just a nurse'. When she first qualified twenty-three years ago she had bags of energy, but these days she mostly feels, 'tired all the time'. She...

Are You the Fixer in Your Family?

Are you the 'fixer’ in your family?   Whilst there’s some form of tension in every family, there’s also usually one person who plays the role of the fixer, peacemaker or mediator. Is this you and how does that play out? If this is you, it’s likely that you are...

Leadership Articles

As a commissioned writer for ACCA's Accounting and Business Magazine I've put together a list of links that will direct you to each of the articles.

Compassion Fatigue

Compassion Fatigue. Is anyone else tired of the news, feeling deflated or powerless to do anything about the state of world? There’s actually good reason for this – we can only cope with so much ‘trauma’ before our mind and body begin to shut down. It’s a coping strategy of sorts.

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As heard on ...

“We invited Jess to talk about workplace wellbeing during ACCA’s flagship annual virtual conference Accounting for the Future in November. Her presentation on Helping Others and Yourself was informative, engaging, well-delivered and packed with tips on how meet the needs of others with compassion. Her experiences of working with clients along with her insights into nurturing healthy relationships were relatable and relevant. And the workbook and slides introduced to highlight points during the presentation were useful tools appreciated by the audience.

Over 7,900 ACCA members attended the presentation and live Q&A session, which generated a large number of questions from participants keen to learn more and ask advice. We received some excellent feedback with many commenting on the relevance of the session to their professional lives:

‘The session was thought-provoking and most helpful.’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the session with lots of practical advice on managing your own expectations as well as others.’

‘This was a fantastic session. I will go through the workbook and start putting into practice some of the suggestions Jess has offered.’

We are looking forward to working more with Jess on issues of health and wellbeing with the readership of ACCA’s Accounting and Business magazine.”

Jo Malvern

Editor-In-Chief, Accounting and Business Magazine, ACCA

“Jess delivered her ‘Stop Self-Sabotaging’ workshop as a live webinar for the Wiley Lean In communities in Oxford and Chichester on 10th March 2020 as a part of our International Women’s Day event series.

Her content was thought-provoking and relevant; her manner of delivery was thoughtful, knowledgeable, and incredibly engaging. She made a live webinar feel dynamic, and managed to educate and entertain which can be tough when delivering an event remotely!

We had over 100 attendees on the day and got a great response. We have also since shared the recording and supporting materials to help colleagues adjust in this new global working-from-home culture, which has been positively received.

The Lean In Steering Group is now working to secure Jess for a follow up event, for which we are very excited. Jess is excellent to work with and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Laura Martin

Senior Change and Project Manager, John Wiley & Sons

“The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) strives to deliver high quality, actionable advice and support to help small business owners realise their ambitions. We were therefore delighted that Jess Baker, acclaimed Business Psychologist & Women’s Leadership Coach, joined us to present a series of three interactive, online workshops.

Topics covered included: how to avoid self-sabotaging; finding your focus; and having a healthy money mindset.  Each session was designed for 20-25 participants to facilitate discussion, and each ran at full capacity.  All of these were delivered in an extremely professional and personable style. This gave participants confidence in the information and advice that Jess provided and also the confidence to take an active role throughout the discussion and Q&A sessions.

These FSB events were delivered as part of a virtual programme to support small business owners through the CV-19 crisis and beyond. It was really important therefore, that participants were given the ideas, tools and inspiration to help them through these most challenging times – both professionally and personally. From the 100% positive feedback received during and post event, I am assured that, with Jess’ help we achieved exactly that..”

Mike Goodall

Development Manager, Federation of Small Businesses

“You’ve taken me on a journey of deep discovery and I feel that I can finally see myself for who I am meant to be. For years I would shy away, not recognising my own skills and strengths. Always doubting my own capabilities and far too often listening to the strong self critic that would dominate a large part of my thoughts. 

With your incredible patience, support and guidance you’ve given me the tools that will allow me to be stronger. You’ve taught me how to grow. 
Before I met you, I was scared. Scared of my future and what it would bring. Scared that I didn’t know what I wanted. Today, I want to grab my future with both hands! I’m so excited about what lies ahead. And For once I feel like I know who I am! I owe all of this to you and all of your support.
I could list off a million things! You’re incredibly knowledgable, and kind. You are a great listener and your openess encourages honesty and authenticity. I always felt that I could be 100% myself with you.  
I can’t thank you enough for helping me.  My grumpy little fairy will always be balanced with the kind and empathetic voice of the inner cheerleader that will forever be the voice of Jess!”
Emma Wood

Geoligist, Field Leader, Total Ltd

“Jess is a highly professional and committed Business Psychologist.

She has strong teamworking and leadership skills and brings a great deal of personal energy to her work. She backs this up with a high level of delivery and is fun to work with.”

Mike Thompson

Head of L&D, Barclays Plc

“The Imposter Syndrome and Managing Your Inner Critic workshop delivered by Jess Baker was thought provoking and instructive. Jess presents in such a calm and soothing manner that it creates the perfect safe environment for participants to share their inner most criticisms of themselves.

Excellent session and would thoroughly recommend this.”

Joan McGarvey

Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

Jess Baker Psychologist Coach

Compassionate Leadership

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