Jess Baker Psychologist

Women's Leadership Coach


The thing I’m most passionate about is helping women to believe that they are already good enough, helping them feel more confident, and encouraging them to be more self-compassionate. I work alongside D&I teams, run workshops in my community, and I’m on the Board of Trustees of a charity providing leadership programmes for 8-18 year old girls.

Business Psychologist


This is how happy I look when I’m helping clients to improve their business or their employee’s lives in some way. I’m a Chartered Psychologist (AFBPsS) with over ten years’ consulting experience, working in leadership development, culture change, assessment, talent management, team-building and employee engagement.

Jess Baker psychologist speaker

Speaker & Workshops


Whether it's a 45 minute speaking slot at a national wellbeing event in London Olympia, running a 4-day development programme or 2 day retreat, I'm in my zone when I'm sharing insights and facilitating discussions about how to be a more confident version of yourself. I regularly share my opinion in articles and ?magazines (e.g. Boots Health & Beauty).

How to Tame Your Inner Critic

This is an excerpt taken from a recent recording I did on how to Tame Your Inner Critic  - as part of my Empower Yourself series - to help you to feel more confident, so the tone is informal and chatty. I do hope you find it useful... Jess Baker here, Women's...

Sunday Blues…?

Happy Sunday! (or not?) Are you familiar with the Sunday blues? It's what I call that sense of looming dread I have often experienced before an important occasion, or the last day of the holiday before going back to work. I used to get it on a Sunday at the thought of...

Master Your Inner Critic

Master Your Inner Critic: Free yourself from its grip Are you an ambitious woman being held back by negative self-talk? Would you like to stop procrastinating or worrying about things that haven't happened yet? Would you like to learn how to reclaim your headspace to...

‘Tis the Season for Reflection (fa la la)

Celestial Greetings, lovelies!   How was 2017 for you? While my 2017 included deaths, drama, and a few left turns, it is ending, thankfully, on a really positive note. I'm doing a lot of reflection and planning for 2018 and beyond. See below for my personal "Lifestyle...

3 Ways to Empower Yourself

The word "Empower" is used a lot these days - especially with regard to women. There are blogs (like most of mine), networking groups, Facebook groups, and even hashtags, all proposing to help women feel 'empowered'.  I love that. Even if the word does have a...

Moving forward

The last word...kind of   I wrote this email to MIMI Skincare customers last week, and want to share this update with you here:  It’s been a while since I last wrote to you. Life has taken twists and turns and I want to update you on some huge (HUGE!) changes. I’d...

Talking Confidence with Lizzie Edwards

In this series, I interview women who boost other women's confidence. They share their personal stories, top tips, and talk really honestly about what makes them feel great. Here's Lizzie Edwards, founder of Lizzie Edwards Style Consultancy and her passion for...

Talking Confidence with Rachel McGuinness

In this series, I interview women who boost other women's confidence. They share their personal stories, top tips, and talk really honestly about what makes them feel great.  Here's Rachel McGuinness, founder of Zest Lifestyle and her annual #Zestember campaign......

Confidence vs Empowerment

What is the difference between feeling confident and feeling empowered? Over the last couple of years I've been having a lot of fun speaking and running workshops on how to feel more “empowered”. I'm always asked to explain the difference between confidence and...


Is your #FOMO - the "fear of missing out" - destroying your productivity? With most of us spending more time than ever before checking emails and social media platforms throughout the day and into the night, our minds are easily distracted, and our productivity is...

“Jess is a highly professional and committed Business Psychologist.

She has strong teamworking and leadership skills and brings a great deal of personal energy to her work. She backs this up with a high level of delivery and is fun to work with.”

Mike Thompson

Head of L&D, Barclays Plc

“I found the workshop very engaging, informative and insightful… plus Jess’s delivery made it enjoyable and fun. I came away putting new knowledge and practical actions immediately in place, which has made a big difference. I definitely experienced a ‘shift’ as a result! Thank you!”

Corey Cook

Productivity Coach, Cory Cook Ltd

“Jess came to speak at my event in Surrey. Well we were in for a treat.

She is a fantastic speaker, clear in her views and brings her message across with passion.

If you are thinking of having Jess as a speaker, I can guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.”

Leonie Wright

Nutritionist, Eat Wright Ltd

“I have struggled with my confidence trying to find a permanent role for some time and I needed a change.

The most important thing is she made me realise my worth. Jess is a great listener, calm, fun and committed.

I have stopped beating my self up about stuff and have a more positive outlook on my future and abilities, thanks to Jess’s guidance. I can’t recommend her services enough.”

Career Coachee

Manager, Financial Times

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