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Focus on Your People

As a Business Consultant I have over ten years’ experience helping a wide range of clients grow their business.

Whether you are a medium-sized businesses wanting rapid growth or a global organisation seeking to engage your employees or develop your leaders, I can help.

My experience covers a variety of industries including retail, pharmaceutical, defence, private healthcare, public healthcare and I’ve held senior HR leadership roles in the financial services.

Constultancy suits my personal strengths of strategic, solution-focused, empathic and creative. I enjoy finding workable solutions that are pragmatic and reseource-efficient.

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The best leaders manage themselves as well as they engage and motivate others.

They are resilient, self-motivated, use creative problem-solving techniques, and make decisions that are aligned to the organisation’s vision.

Organisations with good leaders, and a diverse top-team, out-perform their competitors.

But you know this already.

Maybe you are doing your best to enable, empower and challenge your leaders to be the best versions of themselves. 

Maybe you’ve run a few leadership development programmes that your middle-senior managers have been required to attend.

Perhaps it’s time for you to try something specifically tailored to your own organisational needs, and the needs of your managers.

All managers are not the same. (Nor are we consultants).

If there’s a reason why your middle managers or senior leadership team aren’t performing as well as you’d like them to, let’s talk.

Employee Wellbeing

“Wellbeing” might sound like a bit of a fad.

A lot of organisations seem to be randomly adding the word ‘wellbeing’ to job titles in the hope that it will actually have some impact.

But employee wellbeing has to be taken seriously. It’s a costly matter for any company to get wrong.

Dissatisfied employees are not productive, are more likely to leave your company, and they have a negative impact on other colleagues, customer service and sales.

Back in 2004 I worked with Aston Business School on reviewing the NHS Staff Survey (the largest data set in Europe).

Low staff morale directly impacted patient outcomes – employee wellbeing is literally a matter life or death in that environment.

Research tells us that satisfied employees are more focused, satisfied and productive.

Are your employees satisfed, engaged and motivated at work? Do they feel valued?

While there’s no such thing as a quick fix, there are probably a number of practical solutions that you could put in place to improve employee engagement.

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Assessment & Selection

Do your people have the right…?

  • Skills
  • Attitude
  • Values

Your strongest competitors are investing heavily on improving their recruitment process: having a clear job description, explicit pre-requisites, using structured interviews and objective assessment methods.

Your strongest competitors know that having a fit-for-purpose end-to-end hiring process is easier to track and more cost-effective than leaving things to chance.

I’ve designed and implemented end-to-end recruitment processes, assessment centres and high-profile individual assessment for national and international companies.

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Core Values

Your strongest competitors communicate their core company values across their business. They hire and develop their staff against competencies (behaviours) that bring those values to life.

Embedding core values in every area of your organisation is essential.

The way your people behave at work directly impacts your customer service, which impacts customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. These link directly to your profitability.

Your company values enable you to effectively align your

  • competency framework
  • recruitment practices
  • performance management
  • sales or service KPIs

Redefining or creating your values and company culture is an important step to ensuring you’ve got the right people working for you – if they are, they’re more likely to be engaged, motivated and do a better job (if their skills match their enthusiasm!).

It can feel like a huge and daunting transition, but I take clients through a step-by-step process, that, with the comms and stakeholder mapping in place, can feel seemless, and almost enjoyable.

If you would like to redefine your company core values or find out more about how your current company values can be embedded across your existing processes, let me know.