Empower Yourself

Talks & Workshops for Women

It’s time to feel confident in your own space

I choose to work with women because the world needs more of us to step up confidently, own our space, and role model self-belief for the next generation.

No matter how senior, capable, or technically brilliant you are, you still lack the confidence to get where you want to be.

Are you experiencing any of the following…?
Missing out on promotions
A ‘people-pleaser’
Saying yes when you want to say no
Procrastinating when you really ought to get sh*t done
Wanting to develop your people management skills

I help women at all levels of their career to feel more comfortable in their comfort zone. To tune into and learn to manage their critical voice. To use their body and voice to engage others. Feeling more confident, helping them to be more present, leads to feeling empowered.?

To find out more about working with me, you can email me jess@jessbaker.co.uk.

Empower Yourself: A Women’s Leadership Programme
The greatest leaders feel empowered to take action and positively engage with others. While many women are stepping up into leadership roles, others, who are just as capable, are being left behind.

Does your organisation need more women to take the lead?

  • Profitable organisations have more women in middle/senior management
  • CIPD advocates increasing the number of women in senior roles
  • Many women want to step up into senior roles but lack self- belief
  • Senior women are seen as role models for other womenWomen are more likely than men to lack self-confidence.Regardless of how experienced or competent you are, you have self-critical thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. Your lack of self-confidence prevents you from feeling empowered, which means you can’t be or do your very best.

For more information email me at jess@jessbaker.co.uk 



Programme Objective

Providing practical and useful techniques to help women employees become confident leaders, of themselves and others. To enable them to feel ready to step up when your organisation needs her to.

  1. Managing critical thoughts and limiting self-beliefs
  2. Developing a positive relationship with yourself and others
  3. Using physical space and body language to exude confidence


I draw on my ten years’ experience as a business psychologist working with senior leaders; research from neuroscience, mindfulness self-compassion; and include performing arts techniques.

The programme is interactive and packed with useful techniques that can immediately be put into practice in the workplace.

Content Themes Include

  • Confident Mindset
  • Personality Profiling
  • Core Strengths
  • Core Values
  • Engaging Body Language
  • Influencing Others
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Leadership Styles
  • 1 hour Lunch & Learn or talk
  • Half day or 1 day small group workshops
  • 3 Day development programmeCost
    Costs vary depending on the programme you choose. Please email me to discuss how I can help you jess@jessbaker.co.uk