Manager-Level Coaching Programme

feeling confident, present, and empowered

Do you get nervous when giving presentations? Do you want to confidently walk into every team or workplace meeting knowing your views and voice will be heard?

Are you at risk of missing out on promotion opportunities because you think you lack relevant experience?

Would you like to develop your personal leadership style to help you engage and motivate others?

Lacking in self-belief

You are hard-working, committed to doing a good job, and you like the company you work for. But there is one thing getting in your way of enjoying the career progression you deserve: your lack of self-belief.

On the outside, you seem like you’ve got it together. You’re capable, competent, and reliable. You rarely say no, so you find yourself taking on more and more work. While you like to be known as someone who gets stuff done, you don’t get much recognition for your efforts.

On the inside, you spend more time than you should wondering about what other people think about you. You re-read emails and text you’ve already sent to check you didn’t say anything that would upset them.

Anxiety & Self-doubt

You wake up in the middle of the night feeling anxious. You recall a conversation and wish it had played out differently. You question what you’ve done or how you did it.

Your self-doubt resurfaces again and again. At best, you override it and carry on. At worst, you get pangs of anxiety or butterflies in your stomach at random moments, especially on a Sunday afternoon.

Discounting your achievements

I’ve worked with senior leaders and technical experts whose career spans over twenty years. They are at the top of their game. Yet they haven’t enjoyed their career progression as much as they could have because they lack self-belief, discount their achievements, and are unable to recognise their own expertise in the way others do.

It really frustrates me to see capable and good-hearted people suffer so much, unnecessarily, simply because they lack self-belief. It upsets me when I talk to senior and experienced clients who, despite being great at their job, say they still worry about doing a good job.

Do you feel anxious speaking up in meetings?

A lot of my clients tell me how they feel nervous before having to speak up in meetings, deliver presentations to the board, or pitch to stakeholders or customers. I really wish this wasn’t the case as it’s relatively easy to overcome this, but I see this all the time. These same clients find it hard to raise their profile at work.

Would you like to feel more confident?

I know people who’ve read hundreds of self-help books on confidence, thinking positively, and how to influence people, but they still don’t feel as confident as they deserve to be.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Jess is very engaging. She clearly has a huge amount of knowledge

to pass on. The exercises were useful and helped me

to really focus my thoughts.


Technical Director

Imagine for a moment?

Imagine walking around your office feeling relaxed, confident and self-assured. You’ve had an uninterrupted night of deep sleep and you feel refreshed.

Imagine getting to your meeting with the board early, keen to update them on your or your team’s achievements. Imagine holding your ground when you speak, and you notice them all listening to you intently.

You’re setting clearer boundaries

You no longer say ‘yes’ to every piece of work that’s offered to you. You feel that you are in control of your time and your workload. You even have better relationships with your colleagues and you no longer worry about what they think of you.

You just got promoted!

Best of all is the promotion you just got. Yay! Go you! You rock in your new role. You know you deserve it because you’re the best person for the job. The significant pay rise means that you can book the holiday of your dreams or make those home improvements or invest in your private pension – you have lots of options.

Why work with me?

My name is Jess Baker. I am a Chartered Psychologist and a Women’s Leadership Coach. In the last ten years I’ve helped clients develop their self-belief and feel more confident. I run leadership development programmes that enable middle and senior managers to become self-confident, effective, and engaging leaders.

I’ve also dabbled in stand-up comedy and improvised theatre, and, having been a nervous young senior manager with imposter syndrome, I know what it’s like to feel petrified before a meeting or presenting to the board. I also know what it feels like to learn to value yourself, and understand the positive impact you have on others.

In the past ten years I’ve helped hundreds of women feel more confident in themselves. Not only has this meant that they’ve progressed their career in a way that suits them, it’s also had a positive impact on their personal lives.

Jess’s delivery made it enjoyable and fun.

I came away putting new knowledge and practical actions immediately in place, which has made a big difference.

I definitely experienced a ‘shift’ as a result! Thank you!


Productivity Coach, The Productivity Coach

Discovery Calls

Click the BOOK NOW button, choose a time, and I’ll call you.

I hold free Discovery Sessions so you can ask me about how I work and how much I charge. I’ll ask you some brief questions about the challenge you’re facing and you can decide if I’m the right coach for you. You’re under no obligation to buy anything.

3 Month Coaching Programme

for women who want more confidence, to be present, and feel empowered

Feel more confident and empowered

In this three-month coaching series of six one-to-one private coaching sessions for women who want to feel more confident at work.

3 months of support

There’s no such thing as a quick-fix, so, over a period of three months, I’d like to help you make significant and long-lasting changes to the way you feel and act at work.

6 coaching sessions

You get six one-to-one private coaching sessions with me and you decide how frequently you want to use them. If you want to get going and progress quickly, you can book them weekly. Or if you’d prefer to work at a slower pace, you can spread them out.

I woke up this morning with so much more positive focus.

I can’t recommend Jess enough.

I feel like I’ve relocated the tools I need to break down

some of those barriers that seem to build up without our knowledge.


Author & Poet

Flexible to suit you

Each session is one hour long and booked in advance on weekdays between 8am-7pm and Saturdays before 1pm. This provides you with a flexible structure to suit your busy lifestyle, and so you never have to miss a session if you’re away or unwell.

Wherever you are

The one-to-one sessions are held via video calls so that we can see each other (you probably know that a significant amount of communication is non-verbal, and yes I will be analysing this ;p). It also means we can connect wherever we are in the world, so if you travel for work or pleasure you don’t have to miss a session.


I’ve carefully created my own coaching formula that builds on evidence from psychology, neuroscience and my experience in other fields.

Personal & practical

Our first session is focused on identifying your key challenge. From there, the following sessions will explore why you are experiencing this particular challenge and how it affects other areas of your life. 

Achieving your goal

We’ll then discuss different solutions that are unique to you. You’ll leave each session with a practical challenge to implement between sessions that will help get you closer to achieving your goal.

Working with Jess was equally professional and fun.

Jess clearly knows her stuff and is experienced and confident.

She is also very supportive and extremely professional.


Non-fiction Writer & Editor


In addition to your one-to-one sessions with me, and regular practical challenges, I’m also including these additional bonuses

*Weekly Email Support – I make myself available during the week to offer you any extra support. This could be a simple reminder from me to help you stay on track, an additional challenge if you’re feeling up to it, or simply to discuss your progress.

*Personality Profile Analysis – As a registered Chartered Psychologist I’ve used a number of personality profiling tools over the years that offer you a different perspective on how you see yourself. This is not about putting you in a box, or labelling you with four letters or a colour.

Used properly, a personality questionnaire can reveal more about you than you thought was possible. There are a wide range of tools on the market, some are better than others. I’ll help you choose the best one for you, depending on your specific situation.

*Personality Profile Feedback – Together with my analysis and feedback, you will have additional insight into how your personality reveals itself at work, you will discover your key motivators, your values and your strengths.

You’ll be armed with more self-awareness than you thought was possible. This will help you get the most out of the coaching sessions. Knowing more about your personality style often has a positive impact in other areas of your life too.

I have struggled with my confidence trying to find a permanent role for some time and I needed a change. The most important thing is she made me realise my worth. Jess is a great listener, calm, fun and committed. I have stopped beating my self up about stuff and have a more positive outlook on my future and abilities, thanks to Jess’s guidance. I can’t recommend her enough.

Career Coachee

Manager, Financial Times

ps. If you’ve read this far, you might be considering taking action. Book yourself free 30 minute Discovery Call with me, to talk about what your future could look like

Discovery Calls

Click a large green button, choose a time, and I’ll call you.

I hold free Discovery Sessions so you can ask me about how I work and how much I charge. I’ll ask you some brief questions about the challenge you’re facing and you can decide if I’m the right coach for you. You’re under no obligation to buy anything.

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