Master Your Inner Critic & Reclaim your Headspace

Are you an ambitious woman being held back by negative self-talk?

Would you like to stop procrastinating or worrying about things that haven’t happened yet?

Would you like to learn how to reclaim your headspace to focus on getting the life you deserve?

Welcome! You’re in the right place!

If you spoke to your friends in the same way that you speak to yourself, you’d have fewer friends. 


Negative self-talk is annoying, frustrating, hurtful, demeaning, super-critical, and deeply personal.

We all experience negative self-talk, but some of us are more susceptible to our internal negative chit-chat than others.

You might be feeling anxious about something, worried about things that don’t really matter, feeling guilty for believing that you’ve said or done the wrong thing (but actually you haven’t).

Maybe you’re feeling tense, or frustrated and stuck in a rut, procrastinating over something you’d rather just get on with.

You might experience physical sensations – your heart beats faster when you think of a specific situation, or perhaps you have aches and pains, or wake up fretting at 4am that leaves you feeling tired during the day.

Although most of us experience this, we don’t tend to talk about it.

So, this negative stuff builds into a cycle that is really hard to break. If it were easy to break we would all be much more productive, more successful and much happier as we are.


Does this resonate with you?

If so, how will you feel in a year’s time, or five year’s time, when you have the same old nagging thoughts, the same worries, the same frustrations at your lack of self-belief?

It’s not your fault… it’s just your Inner Critic messing with you.

After all, it’s much easier not to step out of your comfort zone.

It’s much easier to play it safe, to stay small, hide under the radar, not bother with the promotion, not send out that manuscript, not stand up to your critical mother, or your scary boss.



What would your life be like if you let your Inner Critic carry on this way…

You’d be left to go round and round in circles, like the hapless hamster, constantly struggling and fighting with Inner Critic as it continues to belittle you and berate you (for no real reason).

Will you feel the same in a year? And what about in 5 years time? How will things be for you then? Less satisfied with life, dissatisfied with yourself for not believing gin yourself?

“Well, you’ve come this far in life, and survived perfectly fine until now” says your Inner Critic… because it doesn’t want you to take action that will benefit you.

Because by taking action, by acting in your best interest, you begin to diminish its power over you.


But you CAN do something about it…


Master Your Inner Critic 6 week online course

I’ve managed to go from being a highly anxious, nervous procrastinator, with ambitions and goals, but too afraid to step out there.

But what if you could actually master your Inner Critic so that it didn’t get in your way, or act against you?

By joining this 6 week online course, you’ll learn so much about why you have one, what it’s really saying, where it’s from, how to deal with it using lots of different methods, that you’ll also be learning to nurture yourself, be kinder to yourself, and give yourself the compassion you deserve.

With each week, you’ll be getting to know it, becoming more conscious of it, and able to choose how you respond to it, armed with a whole range of different techniques.

Imagine how less stressful life could be. Imagine how much more productive you could be.

Instead of getting in your own way you’d become your loudest cheerleader, rooting for yourself with unconditional love. Yes! Because that is what you deserve!

Imagine how great you’d feel when you have the courage to do that thing you’ve been putting off for ages?


Become more confident as you are

You’ll have less self-doubt, and higher self-belief, a better relationship with yourself, with your body, with your family, and even your colleagues.

Right now, in this moment, some of what I’ve written here is resonating with you, and that’s triggered your Inner Critic: it is saying “You don’t need this” or “You don’t deserve to feel happier”, “You’d never see it through, so why bother?!”.


Master Your Inner Critic ~ 6 week online programme for women 

In my Master Your Inner Critic online course I share a lot of psychological methods, personal insights, and practical exercises, that help you to explore your Inner Critic. Your Inner Critic knows how to make you feel anxious or frustrated. But the better you can understand it, the easier it is to control how you respond to it.


You’ll get. . .

* Weekly videos (with captions) and transcripts to take you through the steps to help you master your Inner Critic

* Weekly exercises and downloadable worksheets straight to your inbox, so you can practice mastering your Inner Critic wherever you are

* Weekly meditations specifically aimed at helping you to get to know your Inner Critic better, and learn how to release its grip on you

* Weekly live check-in calls to discuss your progress and answer your questions

* 24/7 access to content so you can work through the content in your own time

* A closed, very supportive, Facebook group exclusive for programme members

* Created by me, Jess Baker, a Chartered Psychologist (AFBPsS), using well-established techniques that are easy to apply to your everyday life


You’ll also get. . .

++ Lifelong membership access to all content because life will continue to challenge you

+++ Access to new training material over time: videos, exercises, worksheets and meditations

++++ Ongoing support from me to encourage, explain, support, and cheer-lead you on!


Master Your Inner Critic 6 week online course

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for running this course. I really enjoyed doing it and it is certainly thought provoking. I hope you will do more of these in the future. Thank you.”

Participant, Tame Your Inner Critic challenge

“Wow thank you so much jess, this has really resonated with me! I honestly feel I can break my negative procrastination cycle and create a positive feedback loop! Feeling ready!”

Participant, Tame Your Inner Critic challenge

Are you ready to invest in your lifelong improvement in your self-worth and sefl-confidence?  


By the way, this course is NOT for you if

✗  You just want a quick-fix

✗  You believe you’re not worth the effort

✗  You actually like procrastinating

✗  You enjoy beating yourself up

✗  You don’t really want to change

✗  You can’t be arsed

✗  You’re scared of the amazing things you might achieve

✗  You don’t think you deserve any better




This course IS for you if

✓  You want to get out of your own way and get on with your life

✓  You want to make fundamental changes to your thought patterns

✓  You’re sick of hearing the same old critical thoughts blah blah blah

✓  You’re tired of beating yourself up

✓  You’re ready to commit to your self-development

✓  You believe you deserve to act in your best interest


Master Your Inner Critic 6 week online course


ps. if you’ve read this far, it’s probably your time to reclaim your headspace


pps. If you’re still not sure what the Inner Critic is…It is perfectly natural (we all have one) but not very helpful in the 21st century. Causes unhelpful negative thought patterns that undermine your efforts. Diminishes your self-esteem. Uses a degrading tone. Enjoys demeaning your efforts. Triggers anxiety, stress or worry. Leads to self-loathing. Sabotages your self-belief and thwarts your self-development. Prevents you from being the most confident version of yourself. But you don’t have to continue to suffer… you can do something about it…!

“Yay! I stayed the distance! I’ve found your warmth and encouragement really helpful – I got a sense of real compassion and empathy. My Inner Critic has put up a fight (and still is) but being able to step back a little and rumble him has helped.”

Participant, Tame Your Inner Critic challenge

“This challenge has been really helpful, and doing it with others.  Instead of feeling like it is a battle between positive and negative, the mindfulness makes it more like a journey. I feel rewarded for noticing negative thoughts and not letting them hurt me.”

Participant, Tame Your Inner Critic challenge

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