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As an independent Business Psychologist consultant and specialist media psychologist, I am regularly invited to give my expert opinion on themes relating to compassion, carers and professional helpers, as well as leadership, women in business, mental wellbeing, and productivity.



In September 2022 my first book was published: The Super-Helper Syndrome: A Survival Guide for Compassionate People (hardback, Flint Books/The History Press). I wrote it with fellow psychologist, Rod Vincent. We run a free Book Club, which you can join here. Just search the web for Super-Helper Syndrome and you’ll find articles written by journalists for the Metro, Stylist, Psychologies, Natural Health, The Sun, The Belfast Telegraph etc.

As a commissioned writer for print and online magazines such as Woman & Home,  Boots Health & Beauty Magazine, HR Zone, and ACCA Global, I share evidence-based advice on my areas of expertise.

When asked, I’ve conducted research, designed survey questions, developed personality quizzes, and written give-away products such as downloadable worksheets.


In Magazines

I am a media-friendly business psychologist regularly contributing content to national newspapers and magazines from Wired to Women’s Health and Take a Break to the Telegraph.


On Radio

As well as giving podcast and YouTube interviews, I’m regularly interviewed on national and regional radio as an expert psychologist, including BBC Radio 5 Live. Some of these interviews have been turned into blogs on BBC Radio 5 Live and articles, such as this one on


On Camera

Having studied stand-up comedy and performed improv to live audiences I’m not camera shy. And it meant that I was fully prepared when, 20 seconds before going live on air on BBC World News, the producer told me the focus of the interview had changed from the ‘psychological impact of lockdown’ to ‘maintaining friendships during lockdown’.


On Stage (Festivals & Conferences)

I regularly talk on a wide range of topics such as imposter syndrome, happiness, confidence, sleep, perfectionism, stress, bouncing back from setbacks and making life changes.

My relaxed style suits large public audiences, and I’ve had the pleasure to have been (pre-Covid) a keynote speaker at annual wellbeing events such as Bloom, Olympia London, outdoor festivals, such as Orbit Fitness Fest, and International Women’s Day speaker for corporate clients including CoOp, Women Into Leadership, The Ned, Wylie, and Total UK.



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For publishing enquiries, I am represented by Graham Maw Christie Agency.

When a BBC World News producer called to invite me to give my expert opinion on the psychological impact of working from home, and then tells me they’ve changed the topic literally 20 seconds before going live on air…well…watch for yourself!

How to Tackle the Imposter Syndrome & Own Your Accomplishments
Jess Baker Psychologist & Coach, Women Into Leadership Annual Conference, Westminster 2018

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