So, it’s the New Year . . .

How’s your headspace?

A. Still in a bit of a Netflix / Baileys / chocolate fug with the duvet over your head?
B. Ready to take down the decorations and gently embrace 2021?  
C. Clear as the full moon sky and as sharp as a craft knife?

Well, either way, I hope I can help you transition at your desired pace.

Personally, I’m at B at the moment. But by my official return to my laptop on Tuesday, I’ll definitely be closer to C (…prepping for my three new coaching clients, and writing two commissioned articles for the press. But I’m going to take it VERY SLOWLY).

New Year New You… B*llshit?

In light of the time of year, I’ve been thinking about how to plan effectively.

It’s all very well having a lovely planner, or a gorgeous new journal, or an amazing vision-board, but without the clear INTENTION and the specific ACTION you’re actually leaving things up to chance and nothing’s likely to change or come to fruition.

Your Planning Mindset

So, here’s a very brief version of my psychological approach to help get you in a frame of mind so you can get super-clear on what you want to be, do, have or create in 2021 (by the way, you can still download the free Lifestyle Review guide here):

1. Who’s goals are they anyway?

When you’re writing your 2021 goals, revisit them every few days to check that they are your goals, things that you want to be, do, have or create… and that you’re not trying to meet someone else’s expectations.

2. How you feel in this moment will affect what you focus on as your goals for 2021.

It can be tempting to jump straight into goal-setting or vision-boarding  – writing, drawing, mapping out or cutting out magazine images, but first you need to get clear on your intentions.

If you’ve woken up feeling agitated, for example, park your planing until you feel at ease. Start by taking three deep breaths in and out, exhaling for longer with each breath to activate your parasympathetic nervous system that calms your body and mind.

3. Give your Inner Critic a back seat

Inevitably, your inner critic, and other limiting self-beliefs, will surface as you are working through your Lifestyle Review or goals-setting exercise. This is unpleasant but it’s completely normal.

Now, instead of pushing these negative, self-doubting thoughts away or denying their existence, do the opposite: get closer to them. Try to be consciously aware of specific critical thoughts, notice the resistance that surfaces, notice any tension in your body, and acknowledge that it is normal for you to have concerns and anxiety or doubt about your ability etc. (refer to the Lifestyle Review for details).

Remember this: You can choose what your mind focuses on. Where your mind wants to wonder off and dream up the worst-case scenario, you can take the reins and bring your attention back to this moment and the task at hand.

What’s available for you now

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Beaming positive light your way!


Jess Baker CPsychol, AFBPsS

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