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Your Headspace Matters

Unfortunately, we don’t all have time to sit and meditate at sunset in Bali (that’d be lovely!). But there’s one thing we do have in common…

No matter what industry we work in, or how well qualified, technically capable, or wealthy we are, very few of us actually enjoy our experience of life on a day to day basis.

Most of us worry about one or more of these things:

* That we’ll be found out: we feel like an imposter; that others will realise that we shouldn’t be in this job

* We secretly worry we’ll make a monumental mess-up of the current project then get fired, lose our home, our family, and die poor and lonely

* We believe we got lucky: that the heavens magically created our success and we don’t deserve it, instead of taking credit for our hard work, dedication and commitment

* We feel bad for feeling bad: we know how good we have it (#firstworldproblems) and we’re afraid it won’t last, anticipating a tragic disaster; which leads to self-sabataging behaviour, that maintains our negative outlook.

 “…for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”  ~ Hamlet



Your thoughts determine your language, your attitude and your behaviour.

Most of your thoughts are unconscious, and so you’re often guided by how you feel.

For example, if I ask you “What do you think about the person you just met?”, you’ll find it easier to tell me how you feel about them, whether you trust them or not, or want to get to know them better, etc.

But you won’t have much evidence to logically substantiate your opinion at this early stage. You may have heard of the “unconscious bias”.

As a psychologist and coach, I love getting to know what people are actually thinking…then I can help them understand how they feel and why they act in certain ways.

Not all of you reading this will want to hire me as your coach. And as much as I’d love to help everyone, I can only take on a limited number of coaching clients at any one time.

Which is why I came up with this genius idea of helping you to get to know your deepest thoughts, from anywhere in the world, in your own time.

The themes are directly linked to my Empower Yourself model beginning with how to Tame Your Inner Critic.

Free Online Challenge


Tame Your Inner Critic is my FREE  5-Day Online Challenge for women that runs every few months.

Join 250 other women who want to reclaim their headspace and their life.

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Discover how to Tame Your Inner Critic by tuning into your critical voice, releasing yourself from its grip, and freeing up headspace to focus on things you deserve to have in your life.

The content is delivered straight into you Inbox and in a private Facebook group where you’ll get lots of support from me, and your fellow challengers.

Each day you’ll receive a short video from me, an editable downloadable worksheet with two simple exercises.

Each exercise will help you to manage your mindset so that you can build your resilience to stress and feel more in control of your life.

Join the next FREE  5-Day Online Challenge for women here: Tame Your Inner Critic

6 Week Online Course


For a more in-depth approach, scroll down this page, or check out my Mindset Magic – using Psychology to Achieve Your Goals, 6-week online course for women.

In this Mindset Magic online course you’ll learn a lot of useful methods that will help you to master your Inner Critic.

Your Inner Critic knows how to make you feel anxious or frustrated. The more you understand it, and learn to befriend it, the easier it is to control your response to it.

I’ve designed the course curriculum to take you step-by-step through the process of getting to know your Inner Critic, discover your personal triggers, offer you evidence-based exercises that are free to implement and simple to do on a daily basis.

During the course you learn how to let go of self-limiting beliefs, re-establish your personal boundaries, create goals that are meaningful and achievable for you, and give you the momentum to act in your own best interest.

For all the details for my 6-week online course for women, scroll down or click here: Mindset Magic  (feel free to forward to a friend, they might thank you for it).

YouTube Channel


Once I got over the initial temptation to gurn into the camera and stopped worrying about whether I had spinach in my teeth,  I realised I actually quite like filming live. Just me. Spinach and all.

I’ve recorded different webinars for online forums and groups of entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs, and Virtual Assistants, tailoring my message to their specific challenges.

Click here to watch my own 90 minute Masterclass on “5 Ways to Master Your Inner Critic”.  In it, I describe five simple techniques that you can implement for free today on how to manage that negative self-critical voice in your head.

Have a pen and a piece of paper to hand because I include a lot of details and talk you through some exercises. You may even want to pause and come back to it once you’ve practiced the different techniques.

Tiny Voice. Huge Impact

Negative self-talk is annoying, frustrating, hurtful, demeaning, super-critical, and deeply personal.

We all experience negative self-talk, but some of us are more susceptible to our internal negative chit-chat than others.

You might be feeling anxious about something, worried about things that don’t really matter, feeling guilty for believing that you’ve said or done the wrong thing (but actually you haven’t).

Maybe you’re feeling tense, or frustrated and stuck in a rut, procrastinating over something you’d rather just get on with.

You might experience physical sensations – your heart beats faster when you think of a specific situation, or perhaps you have aches and pains, or wake up fretting at 4am that leaves you feeling tired during the day.

Although most of us experience this, we don’t tend to talk about it.

So, this negative stuff builds into a cycle that is really hard to break. But is it possible to break this cycle.

Once you learn how to break this cycle, then you’ll be come more productive, self-assured, more satisfied and happier as you are.

Mindset Magic

using psychology to achieve your goals

a 6 week online course for women

Who is it for?

Are you an ambitious woman being held back by negative self-talk?

Would you like to stop procrastinating or worrying about things that haven’t happened yet?

Would you like to learn how to reclaim your headspace to focus on getting the life you deserve?

Welcome! You’re in the right place!

What does it cover?

The Mindset Magic course includes a lot of content so here’s an overview of it:

Each week presents a specific topic:

Week 1 – Clarifying on Your Desired Goals & Feelings

Week 2 – Fundamental Mindset Shift

Week 3 – Getting on Your Own Side

Week 4 – Re-writing your Own Rules

Week 5 – Acting in Your Best Interest

Week 6 – Celebrating Successes & Next Steps

Also note that…

* Useful ~ I only include techniques that are evidence-based, practical and effective

* Simple ~ I’ve adapted powerful psychological methods into short exercises for women who have a busy lifestyle

* Global reach ~ wherever you are in the world, you can learn to help yourself

How do I access course content?

* 2 /3 training videos every week with captions and transcripts to take you through the steps to help you master your Inner Critic

* 3 -4 exercises every week with editable and downloadable worksheets for you to save or print

* A suite of guided meditations that will help you re-wire your brain; befriend your Inner Critic and tune in to the moment

* Weekly live check-in calls to discuss your progress and answer your questions

* 24/7 access to the online content so you can watch the videos and work through the exercises in your own time

* Delivered straight to your inbox, and in the Facebook group, so you can experience Mindset Magic Critic wherever you are


* Instant acces to a members-only Facebook group full of support and encouragement

* 12 month’s membership so that you can access all of content whenever you need it 

* Access to new and revised training material over time, so you never miss out on new videos, exercises and meditations

* On-going support from me to encourage, explain, support, and cheer-lead you on

All your questions will be answered


* What is the Inner Critic and why do I have one?

* Can I ever get rid of it? Why can’t I just shut it down?

* How can I stop beating myself up about not feeling good enough etc?

* Can I be like other people who just get on with the life without the worry?

Why work with me?

* Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol), the British Psychological Society

* Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPsS)

* Women’s Leadership Coach, specialising in empowering women to step into their light

* Over ten years of helping corporate clients to develop, engage and motivate their employees

* An experienced coach working to help men and women discover their personal power

* Trustee, BelEve UK, empowering girls aged 8-18 with leadership programmes in schools and communities

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