Resilience 2020

Congratulations!!!. . . because you are much more resilient than you thought you were! 

Celebrate that for a moment. Please. Because you’re probably vastly underestimating how well you are coping. 


Perhaps you have spent a lot more time giving and supporting others, and have realised how much of that care and kindness you need for yourself.

Perhaps you’ve realised a whole new way of working which has enriched your life in some unexpected way. 

Since moving to the sticks 4 years ago I’ve been working online from my loft-office, and zoom has been my best business buddy – we spend a lot of time together. But I never realised how powerful it was until I recently ran a live webinar on the Imposter Syndrome for 764 people. Without tech issues!

I’ve also had some small moments of magic amidst the trauma this year, for which I’m truly grateful.


But I don’t want to dwell on the year that has been, instead we should stay focused on the here and now, and the best way to build resilience is to focus only on the things we can control or influence. Sometimes it’s difficult to assert yourself – especially when you’re putting others first or relied upon to be the problem-solver, helper, or trouble-shooter. I’ve written out an exercise for you below, it’s part of my Resilience and Mindfulness training programme and really useful at any time, particularly in the stressful moments when it’s easy to feel like you have few or no options. 


Step 1

What situation or relationship is bugging you right now? It could be an uncomfortable relationship, a project deadline, perhaps you are self-sabotaging in a myriad of ways. If there are a few things on your list, just think of one thing for now, and come back to do the rest later. 

Step 2

Consider what specifically is challenging about this situation or relationship. Write out the detail. Getting things down on to a laptop or journal is the easiest way to work with it. 

Step 3 

Now consider the things in this scenario that you 

a) Want to change – list or map out the details (e.g. your boss likes to embarrass you in front of others)

b) List the elements that you can’t change (e.g. your bosses personality) 

c) Write out the things that you think you can change (e.g. your attitude towards your boss)

d) List the elements that you can’t change but you can influence (e.g.the decisions your boss makes about your work)

Step 4 

Review what you’ve written and decide: 

a) What are the things you have to ACCEPT about this situation? Save your energy and move on!

b) What are the things you can take ACTION upon? Practical, specific and useful steps (check out my 47 Productivity Hacks)

c) What can you ALTER? Your approach, your attitude, or influencing others

d) What do you need to AVOID? Maybe you need to close down communication with a toxic friend, or stay away from a triggering situation until you feel stronger. Sometimes though, avoiding things can only make it worse.

Hit reply and let me know what your answers are to Step 3 and 4, or to ask me any questions. I’m happy to elaborate on this seemingly simple yet powerful exercise. 


From me 

I’m committed to doing that thing I get my coaching clients to do: show up consistently in your own life and for others, with courage, confidence, and compassion. It’s too easy to hide behind an IG post (@therealjessbaker) or curated FB feed. 

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Now, I’m off to make Nigella’s amazingly tart cranberry sauce (they’ll probably be a photo of it on Insta later), and watch The Muppets Christmas Carol for the hundredth time. 

Whatever you’re up to this Christmas, I wish you and your loved ones a restful and re-energising break.


My wish for you for 2021

May you have the courage to take action,

the confidence to see it through,

and the self-compassion to warm your heart.

Be super-kind to yourself

Jess x

Jess Baker CPsychol, AFBPsS


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pps. As you know, I work as a Trustee with a girls/young women charity called BeleveUK. Our mission is to empower girls with the confidence and skills to be our future leaders. In this unprecedented year, many girls will miss out on basic things like sanitary products, opening gifts, or the chance of celebrating over a delicious family meal this Christmas. We are providing as many girls as possible with these items until the end of the year, and if you could please consider supporting this fundraiser with any amount, that would be amazing – thank you! ❤