Do any of these describe you?


You struggle to confidently claim your talents and accomplishments


You're supportive of other people, but super-critical of yourself


You'd like to stop self-sabotaging and achieve your career or business goals


You'd like to have stronger boundaries to say no without upsetting people


You'd like to be able to help more people, but feel stretched or overwhelmed

If you answered “Yes” to one or more,

you’re in the right place!


The Art of Self-Compassion (TASC) is a 3 month Coaching Programme for people who really want to get out of their own way. The places are limited to 8 people so that each member receives my full attention for the three month period.

If you’re looking for a quick-fix, done-for-you, solution, then this is not for you.

BUT…if you have a burning desire to do what you do best, do it better, and enjoy it more, (or you don’t quite know what it is yet, but you’ve got the burning desire to find out), then read on!

Book your place and receive …

7 LIVE Group Coaching Calls where each member receives individual attention, and you’ll have access to the recordings

Access to 6 training modules, 2 bonus modules, and The Art of Self-Compassion Handbook via my online portal 24/7, with your personal login you can easily track your progress

Guidance and encouragement from me, your expert business psychologist and coach, for the full three months (and the support from other members in our small group)

Access to an online Personality Questionnaire at the beginning of the programme, with your personal detailed report, to enhance your self-awareness and enable to me to support you better as your coach

Comprehensive bite-sized training videos for each module, where I explain the psychological theory and describe the objectives of the exercises in each module 

A suite of guided meditations that I’ve recorded especially for this programme, helping you to calm your mind, be kinder to yourself and take you through guided visualisations

Once you’ve been on this programme . . .

You will feel re-energised and totally focused, with no room in your life for negativity!

You'll have a stronger sense of who you are and stronger boundaries

You'll appreciate and respect your own strengths and accomplishments

You will never unlearn the psychological insights you'll have during this programme, and you'll keep on learning from them

You'll develop the capacity to help more people, while being better at meeting your own needs

Here’s a breakdown of the themes we’ll cover

There are 6 modules, delivered every two weeks during the 3 months. There’s also a Motivator Module to kick-start the programme, which you’ll receive as soon as you sign up, and a Bonus Module delivered after the three month duration to help you maintain momentum.

Each topic builds on the last, taking you on a gentle step-by-step journey, as I guide and encourage you all the way.

Motivator Module

Setting You Up for Success
Online Personality Test & Report
Identify Your Current Objectives

Module 1

Kick-Start your Self-Compassion
Committing to your personal growth
Self-love: the powerful motivator

Module 2

Declutter, Design, Dream
Letting go of habits that do not serve you
Getting clear on your practical goals

Module 3

Self-Fulfilling Mindset
Mapping your emotional goals
Re-writing beliefs aligned to your future self

Module 4

Activating your Strengths
Harnessing all that’s amazing about you
Boosting your resilience in all aspects of life

Module 5

Resetting Boundaries, Dahling!
Confidently asserting your needs
Protecting yourself and others

Module 6

Bring on 2021!
Aligning your beliefs, emotions and goals
You’re ready to take courageous action

Bonus Module!

Maintaining Momentum
One month Follow-up Coaching Call
Action-focused exercises

If you’re not sure if this is for you. . .

You might be thinking:

“I should know this stuff already”

It’s normal to feel that you shouldn’t need other people’s help; you should know it all already and be able to sort your own headspace out. But even coaches have coaches – having an outsider’s perspective is often the quickest way to helping yourself.

“I don’t have needs”

You’re probably excellent at helping other people and love to focus on them. And you rarely focus on you or your needs. But you end up exhausted and maybe even slightly resentful. It’s time to put on your oxygen mask on first. With my support you will learn to help yourself, and others, better.

Now is the best time to invest in your personal growth. In the next three months you’ll have developed skills and had lots of psychological insights that you will never unlearn.

“I’m too busy”

This is the most common excuse I hear all the time. As if you’re going to be less busy ‘next time’ I run this programme. If you think you are too busy to focus on your personal growth, then that’s a huge shame. But you’d like to reconsider, please ask yourself this: do I really want to delay my personal  / career / business progress any longer? At what cost? 

“I feel bad when I spend money on me”

You are not used to spending money on yourself. I know that most women aren’t comfortable spending money on themselves  – maybe a haircut, or a yoga class, a nice dress. A quick-fix, to get that boost of dopamine to feel good about yourself.

Yet, when your boiler needs to be fixed or your car breaks down, you have to invest in those items so that they function well. And, just like paying to fix the boiler to keep you family warm, or getting your car fixed so you can do the shopping or run errands for people, other people will also benefit from you investing in this course.

Just read some of the reviews from past participants who talk about their children, partners, work and businesses benefitting as a result of their new-found self-belief. Some members use this programme to focus on developing their business so they expense it to their business.

The phrases above are all classic self-sabotaging thoughts or excuses. And I have brought your attention to them so that you can make an informed decision about how you want to spend the next three months. During the programme you’ll get to know your self-sabotages so well you’ll be able to spot them a mile away! 

On this programme it’s my role to support and encourage the group-members as much as I can, drawing on my expertise as a Business Psychologist and Leadership Coach, and my personal experience. I’d love to help you on this part of your journey, so that you can be the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life. 


How will I access the 6 online modules?

A link to each of the six programme modules will be accessed in my online Coaching Hub. You will be sent you personal login details nearer the time.

How do I join the 6 Live Coaching Calls

These interactive Live Coaching Calls will be held every every other week on my online platform. You’ll have your own personal login. On each call, every member will have the chance to be ‘in focus’ (time where I just coach you). p.s. You can turn up in your Pjs, I don’t mind 😉 

What if I miss a Coaching Call?

The Coaching Calls will be recorded for you to watch again, pause, fast forward etc. The live calls are the best way for me to answer your questions and offer as much support as you need.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email 

I'm busy, but I'm interested, will have access AFTER the ten days?
  • Yes!
  • Once you are registered you will receive one email every two days for the duration of programme.
  • The emails will contain the links to the bite-sized training (videos, worksheets, mediations etc) and you can work at your own pace.
  • You will have access to the content forever – download and use again and again!
Do I really need this right now?
  • I guess at some level you think you would benefit from it, because you’re reading this.
  • We all need an extra level of encouragement
  • This programme enables you to continue to support yourself – you will never unlearn the insights you’ll have about yourself, and that’s the beauty of personal development
Is there a Payment Plan?

Yes, you can pay in three monthly instalments, which includes an admin fee. Please see the sections above that outline the detail.

I'm a coach / therapist, can I book on to this?

Yes! Many of my clients are coaches and therapists. We all need someone else to coach and guide us, as I do too. This will be a useful reminder of some things you might already know, and there will be lots of techniques that will be new to you.

What's the refund policy?

There is no refund available for this programme because once you have booked your place you will receive access to some of the training content.

What's the minimum age for this event?
The minimum age is 18.

Why work with me…

Over the past 20 years I’ve helped thousands of clients to develop a stronger sense of self-belief. Not many people appreciate their qualities or talents, and that’s why they come to me. I’m a Chartered Business Psychologist and Women’s Leadership Coach and I get a warm buzz from running online coaching programmes. 

Drawing on my expertise, psychological insights and personal experience, I offer evidence-based, simple to use, and highly practical techniques that you will learn to implement immediately.

Whether you are unsure of your next career move, or afraid of showing up in your business, or you have lost sight of who you are, this course is built for you. The live coaching calls and all of the supporting material will help enhance your capacity for building on your strengths and see yourself in a new light. 

Previous online coaching clients tell me that I have the right level of energy to create a trusting environment. It’s been wonderful to, literally, watch them become the confident, courageous and self-compassionate people they deserve to be.

I felt really under-confident at the time, I was really beating myself up about a recent redundancy, struggling to move forward in a way that I wanted and needed to. I wanted to feel good about myself.

To be honest it took me a while to sign up because I didn’t want to admit that I needed help, but when you give all your energy to helping to other people you’re not giving yourself anything.

I wanted to learn some techniques that I could do in my own time to help me deal with things that affect me as they come along. I wanted to walk away with something tangible that I could continue to engage with after the programme.

The tasks were small and manageable but had a really big impact. It was a really good mix of content, with videos, written workbooks, and meditations. I liked all the practical tips, and even little things like Jess explaining how challenging it can be to meditate, which made it much easier to try it.

Jess also encouraged us to work to our own style – write lists, draw, map out, visualise things, the exercises are designed so we could work with the ones that resonate with us at the time rather than feel pressured to get through them all. And I can go back and do the same ones or different exercises depending on what’s going on in my life.

I really liked that Jess is a psychologist and backed up everything with facts and research, and she was really good at explaining things with analogies and examples. She encouraged us to make up our own way of relating to our inner critic, and gave us the tools to write our own personalised affirmations, which I still say out loud when I need a quick confidence boost.

The group coaching calls helped to push me forward every time, so I’d have time to work on things on my own then come together as a group. It was good to understand that people were feeling the same way, and we were able to support each other.

I feel like I’ve come quite a long way. I feel like the shame I had around my redundancy has lifted and given me the confidence to take a step forward – and now I have a new job! I’ve set new boundaries with things that don’t make me feel good, and I feel like it’s having a lasting and positive impact on my self-compassion…and I’m still doing the work. It was genuinely fantastic.


Previous TASC members share their experience of the programme …

I signed up to TASC because I recognised myself as a ‘helper’ and it was draining me, I wasn’t spending enough time focusing on doing things for me.

I was looking forward to self-reflection, and getting some ‘me time’, and that’s exactly what I got.

One of the reasons why I particularly like working with Jess is that she’s real, and she’s experienced similar things to me, like the imposter syndrome, and has overcome challenges in her own life that I feel she understands me. She comes from a place of empathy.

The main thing I got out of this course was the ability to recognise something that was draining me, and I felt strong enough to express my boundaries and was able to say ‘no’ to it, so that I can focus on me and my new business.

The content was given to us in separate modules, and in a variety of ways (worksheets, video, meditations) and Jess encouraged us to work through it in our own time, so it was great not feeling like I had to rush through it all. She even covered some additional content that was guided by the group needs.

Our small group was so supportive and we all got to know and trust each other. The group coaching calls were really useful and seeing other people blossom too really helped me.

I’ve already recommended this course to people! We don’t invest in ourselves enough – well, we go out and buy a new frock or make-up, but those things are superficial. But when it comes to investing in yourself we just don’t do it and I think we should. We should be nurturing our needs, not denying them. I say ‘put your own oxygen mask on first’ then you can help other people better.


TASC came at a good time for me, I was taking on lots of new things, and I knew I also had to take time out to breathe and meditate, and be in the moment.

I’m very sensitive and my work takes a lot of my energy. While I have great tools for helping others, I still need to have someone else guiding me and supporting me.

It was a really powerful programme, the exercises, and videos, and meditations. And I really benefitted from the group calls  – to get to contact with others (during lockdown). I was drawn to Jess’ nature, and her approach to topics like boundaries.

Jess allows people the space to become more self-aware and look after themselves. I liked that she allowed us to be part of the group as much as we wanted to be. And when you are, you feel that you’re there, not being judged. Jess creates such a lovely space for people to come forward and reveal themselves.


I was resistant to signing up at first. I was so busy managing the business and having the children at home during lockdown (and I because I don’t like asking for help), but I wanted to find ways to support myself better without feeling guilty for taking time for me.

A couple of friends had worked with Jess before and I’d heard good things. She was very approachable and professional: she got more out of me than I was expecting, which I appreciate because it meant that she was able to help me become more self-aware.

The course covered more than I initially expected. The module on boundaries made me reconsider what I can do differently moving forward. I can see how my Inner Critic gets in my way and I choose to react differently to it. The meditations were really nice, and I felt proud of myself for making the time to sit still and do them.

The group calls helped me to make real progress. It’s so nice to have the extra support and encouragement. Knowing that the calls were booked in helped me to focus on working through the modules. But Jess would reassure us and say ‘just do whatever you can do and you can come back to it when your ready’.

Now, I feel much less guilty for looking after myself and taking time out, in fact I can already see the benefit to my children and to my business when I do. 


I really wanted to improve myself, to be a better person for my children and my wife. My wife says I’m not kind to myself. I run a business, and I watched Jess on a FSB webinar, and even my wife said she thought Jess would be able to help me: she seemed real, approachable, as well as highly skilled, she’s relatable and believable.

I’ve had CBT and counselling in the past but they didn’t feel real. Jess does not bring a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, instead she works to understand each person and brings in bits from this and that to make it relevant for that individual.

This course was life-changing for me! I got so much out of it! I was completely unaware but my inner critic used to rule my life in lots of ways (e.g. frustration, anger, binge eating) – and now I tell him where to go. Through the visualisations and meditations, Jess has given me the tools to counter-act my self-critical thoughts: this is the golden nugget for me…and I’d never have thought of that in a million years.

Each exercise was written in short chunks and easy to follow and digest. The themes were challenging, but they really made me think and reflect. I could focus on whatever I wanted to take from each module and come back to it when I was ready. I felt like I was always making progress.  

The group calls were brilliant. I was the only male, but I felt it was an amazingly supportive group: we were supporting each other. It was great to go through this process at the same time as other people.

It felt like Jess was tuning into each of us, even on the group calls she spoke to us personally, and it always felt like she was able to relate to each of us. She’s very empathic and I’m normally a cynic, but I found Jess very authentic, reassuring, and never pre-judging.

I learned so much – it was empowering for me. I’m much more self-aware, and my children have benefited from this too. As a family, we discuss our emotions a lot more and I help my son to manage his anxiety better. I have also changed my diet and lost weight, so I feel much healthier. I know self-development is a lifelong journey and I’m so glad that, in my 60s, I’ve finally started it.


Are you naturally compassionate?

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