Hi, I’m Jess Baker, Psychologist & Women’s Leadership Coach. I help women who, accidentally, self-sabotage.

Now actually, we can be really creative when we’re getting in our own way, but maybe for you, you find yourself procrastinating, or maybe you feel overwhelmed or unfocused because there are so many things you want to be getting on with, or maybe it’s just you’ve got a very clear goal but you just can’t find the momentum to see it through.

Well, I can help. Not only from personal experience but also as a psychologist. If you want to find out more, I’ve got three more videos much longer than this one that go into detail about what self sabotaging really is, how to recognise the thoughts that lie underneath those self sabotaging behaviours, and also how stop. What’s that one thing you can do to help you stop self sabotaging? So if you’re ready, you want to take action, you’re sick of self sabotaging, click here to watch Video 1 How Do You Self-Sabotage?.

LEVEL UP – starts October 17th 2019 

Reprogramme your mindset, stop self-sabotaging, and achieve your goals with ease.

Because you deserve to enjoy your journey

What you’ll get . . .
  • Your personal Psychological Profile that details your personal values and your character strengths
  • Practice proven strategies to stop procrastinating and other self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Master time-management and become super-productive 
  • Achieve your goal(s) without stress, overwhelm, or guilt
  • Learn to say no, be more assertive and protect your boundaries

A Coaching Programme with Heart

I’m telling you all of this because Level Up isn’t just another ‘quick-fix’ jargon-packed money-suck online course.
The value of this online programme lies in the fact that I’ve tried and tested it on myself for 6 years, and tried and tested it on lots of other women in that time – and they too have experienced huge insights and shifts.
It’s also unlike ANY other online course in that it’s based on my research and psychological experience, and my own practical tools and techniques – without the BS. And you are not left alone to get on with it, unless you choose to be.
Every day, I’m in the facebook group, and once every week on coaching calls with the Members.
You don’t need yet another reason to beat yourself up, so I’ve made this really simple to fit in with your life.
You just need unconditional support and encouragement as well as practical tools and methods you’re gonna love.
Ah! Almost forgot!
There’s now also a Payment Plan with 4 monthly instalments
It’s really easy to set up, any questions let me know.
LEVEL UP starts Thursday 17th October and finishes in mid-December.
So you will be ready to kick-start your 2020 with a courageous bang and lots of sparkles!

p.s. Any questions?

If you have any questions about the course including whether it’s right for you please email me and I promise to give you an honest answer and if I don’t think it’s right for I you won’t recommend you join – that’s not my style.
You really do deserve to Level Up!