Super-Helper Syndrome JESS BAKER ROD VINCENT

The Super-Helper Syndrome

A Survival Guide for Compassionate People

by Jess Baker & Rod Vincent

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Are you ready?

There’s a type of person out there who is better at helping others than they are at looking after themselves.

Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you know someone who is.

They are the backbone of the caring professions, giving strength to our schools, clinics, care homes and hospitals.

But you will also find them in offices, gyms, community groups and charities – everywhere you look.

There’s usually one in every family.

This book will help you…


To profile your own helping habits.

You’ll discover whether you, or those around you, have experienced any elements of the Super-Helper Syndrome.

It provides activities that support you to avoid or overcome the Super-Helper Syndrome and to adopt the Healthy Helper Mindset.

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Suzy Reading Super-Helper Syndrome

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The Super-Helper Syndrome offers a new perspective on the psychology of helping.

It offers support for people who want to adopt a Healthy Helper Mindset. This includes meeting their own needs, building assertiveness and setting helping boundaries.

It guides the reader towards countering the inner critic with mindful self-compassion. It’s only by doing these things that compassionate people can be most effective at helping others.

This survival guide is for anyone who helps to the detriment of their own wellbeing.

It’s for anyone who wants to support the helpers in their life.

And it’s for anyone who wants to understand how helping works and to be better at it.

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What Is The Super-Helper Syndrome?

People who do so much to help others are struggling. In their efforts to help wherever they can they typically overstretch themselves. Some face traumatic and distressing situations. Those in long-term caring relationships have no time to care for themselves. Those who are professional carers work prolonged hours with inadequate resources.

Deeper down, beneath all of this, there is something else that causes helpers to suffer. It lurks unnoticed. It dwells in the psychology of the helper.

Where people feel compelled to help others and don’t look after their own needs, that’s the Super-Helper Syndrome.

Until recently this phenomenon that has gone unnoticed and unnamed, but it has now been highlighted by chartered psychologists Jess Baker and Rod Vincent.

The book includes a range of content aimed at helping the reader to be as compassionate to themselves as they are to others:

Research and facts about the psychology of helping (how and why it works and when it doesn’t)

Activities that help you build a profile of yourself as a compassionate person

Techniques to analyse your own helping relationships

Real life stories from people whose helping has led to the Super-Helper Syndrome (from ICU nurses to accountants)

Uplifting stories of people who put boundaries in place, make time for themselves (guilt-free!) and how they’ve adopted the Health Helper Mindset

Whether you’re a professional carer, already volunteer your time, care for someone at home, or if your colleagues, patients or service-users depend on you, you’ll find psychological support and practical advice to help you become a healthier helper and establish stronger boundaries.

Only by supporting their own mental and physical health can helpers have the strength to care for others in the way they long to.

What They’re Saying about

The Super-Helper Syndrome

“It has the feeling of a classic”

Wow! The book is superb. It is lucid and learned but accessible. It is warm and stylish and funny in an unforced way. Its voice, its pace, its message are all absolutely on target. I loved it. I was engrossed by it. It’s stunning. It has the feeling of a classic. And I love the ending.

“The book gave me permission”

It’s a really powerful read. It brought up so much for me. I feel like the book gave me permission to work on this stuff – stuff I’d never really thought about, even though helping is a huge part of my life.

“The book made me think”

The Spotlights made me read, stop and think. By no means am I a super helper, but the book made me think about the person on the receiving end of well intentioned, but probably not well received help.

“Full of wisdom and compassion”

The book is full of wisdom and compassion. I found the suffering of unhealthy helpers in Chapter 3 extremely moving and it was at this point I really began to understand the enormity of what some people go through.

“Very powerful”

It’s all very thought provoking. The quotes from the interviewees and questionnaire respondents are very powerful and often emotional. I also think that by sharing some of Jess’s own personal journey it grounds the theory, and makes it real.

Super Helper Syndrome Review
Super Helper Syndrome Review
Super Helper Syndrome Review

Meet the Authors

Super Helper Syndrome Jess Baker Psychologist

Jess Baker is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

She started her career in healthcare before specialising in business psychology. She has delivered webinars from her loft in Shropshire to global audiences.

Jess is an award-winning coach. Over a thousand women have been through her online Tame Your Inner Critic programme. She speaks at conferences and festivals and is a regular commissioned writer on the subject of wellbeing. She comments on leadership, psychology at work and mental health for magazines, newspapers and national radio.

As an expert on the wellbeing of helpers Jess offers her services on a voluntary basis to charities.

Super Helper Syndrome Rod Vincent Psychologist

Rod Vincent is an Anglo-Irish Chartered Psychologist, a writer and a musician.

He is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and during his previous career as a business psychologist he helped to develop leaders in forty-one countries. He is now doing his best to rebalance that carbon footprint by confining himself to walking the Shropshire hills.

Rod’s poems and stories have won prizes in competitions and been published in a number of literary journals including Poetry Ireland Review, Stand and The Rialto. His poems are also in the Iron Book of New Humorous Verse (Iron Press). He writes the lyrics and plays bass as one half of O’Reilly & Vincent.

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