Speaker & Events

I'm in my zone when facilitating or speaking at events

Speaker & Events

I’ve been told that I’m a natural facilitator and an engaging speaker. All I know is that I love doing both.

Recent examples include being booked as keynote speaker for the national retailer, CoOp, for their International Women’s Day celebration, 2018.

I’ve also been invited back (my third year!) to speak at the annual national wellbeing event, Love Natural Love You, London Olympia. Get your free ticket here, it’d be lovely to see you!

Key themes

There are several themes that I’m particularly passionate about: see my Women’s Leadership model below.

My talks have a connecting thread: helping you getting on that virtuous circle so you can enjoy being the most confident version of yourself.

  • Empowering Yourself in 3 Ways
  • Beating the Imposter Syndrome
  • Enhancing your Personal Presence
  • How do we #PressforProgress in 2018
  • Tame Your Inner Critic
  • Boosting your Body Confidence

Suggest a theme

In true improv style, I’d be delighted to take a suggestion from the audience. If there is a specific topic that isn’t listed here, do let me know. If I can help, I will. If it’s not my bag, I’d happily help you find someone who speaks on the subject.


I facilitate face to face workshops as part of my Women Leadership Programmes, for corporate clients, and for women in my community.

My training content, see the model below, is based on evidence from psychology, neuroscience and mindful self-compassion, and my own professional and personal experience including perfoming arts techniques.


I’m in my zone when facilitating discussions, encouraging attendees to learn from each other’s experience, and sharing my own professional and personal experience.

All of my workshops are interactive and action-based. I offer real life examples (case studies, and my own epxerience) to bring theory to life, and to keep things real.

Small tweaks can lead to huge changes, and I don’t believe you have to walk on coals to unleash your true potential.


Choose your format for the workshops:

* 90-minute sessions [up to 30 attendees]

* Half-day interactive workshops [up to 15 attendees]

* Full-day interactive workshops [up to 15 attendees]

* 3.5 Day off-site development programmes [up to 15 delegates]

Podcasts & Press

Do you listen to podcasts? (my favourites include the Guilty Feminist @guiltfempod if you like to laugh).


Several people have interviewed me recently on wellbeing topics.

You can listen to my interview with the lovely Sherry Bevan, on The Confident Mother Podcast on How to Tame Your Inner Critic.

Hear Nicola Semple and I over-share in this episode of The Good Life Well-Lived Podcast. We discuss How to Tame Your Inner Critic, and I don’t think I’ve laughed so much while talking about it before.

When Gemma McCrae from the Prosperity Kitchen Podcast and I talked about Low Self-Esteem, I had so much to say on the topic that she released it as a two-part episode on her podcast. Click here for Low Self-Esteem Part 1 and Low Self-Esteem Part 2.

In Print

When journalists ask for my expert opinion, it’s usually on the broad topics of being a woman, or psychology, or both. Over the past few years I’ve been featured in a variety of women’s magazines and business articles (e.g. Boots Health & Beauty magazine, Very.co.uk, NatWest online etc.).

Social Media

Check out my Facebook (Jess Baker, Women’s Leadership Coach) business page for updates of events and heated debate.

Find my photos and mini-blogs on Instagram @therealjessbaker, or catch daily bites and debates on twitter @jsgbaker  follow my #empoweryourself #tameyourinnercritic and my body positive #elbowselfie hashtags.

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