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Would you like to stop feeling overwhelmed?
Would you like to be more productive?
Would you like to re-imagine what comes next? 

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Live In Manchester (hopefully!)




Manchester - One Day Hideaway 16th May 2020 + 1:1 Coaching Session

Stop Sabotaging & Find Your Focus - Manchester - click for all the details

Stop Sabotaging & Find Your Focus

Come and hideaway with me and other like-minded women for one whole day in a stunning location, and you will

  • Discover how to stop procrastinating and be more focused
  • Find out how to achieve what you want, without feeling stuck
  • Learn how to stop your goals feeling out of reach or overwhelming


Who it is for

Women who want to improve one or more aspects of your life:
~ your career or business

~ enjoy healthier relationships

~ enjoy better health

~ feel more in control of your money

From my personal and professional experience, I believe the thing you most need right now is the inner confidence to review your situation or goals, decide your next step, and create a clear pathway to taking action. And this is what you will achieve on the day.


What is Self-Sabotaging?

Self-sabotaging is a set of unhelpful beliefs and behaviours that we aren’t always consciously aware of, and they hold us back from achieving our goals.

Self-sabotaging can make you feel anxious and frustrated, yet it just seems to be part of who you are and how you do things. But you can change this.

As a psychologist, and as a woman with a strong desire to succeed, I know from a personal and professional experience that you can change your behaviour. With greater self-awareness and by learning key techniques, you can begin to make choices that will positively impact your life.


What you will get on the day

On this One-Day Hideaway (it's a cross between a workshop and a retreat) you’ll get to try out different techniques to help kick-start your progress. No matter what is holding you back at the moment, you'll be able to find a way to free yourself from self-doubt and frustration and move forward with a clear vision of what comes next.

This will be a relaxed, informal group session. You'll have time for individual reflection and break-out sessions.


You'll learn simple yet effective exercises that will help you to ...

* Tune into your Inner Critic and limiting self-beliefs

* Identify your most powerful sabotages

* Break the self-sabotaging cycle

* Discover how to shift from overwhelm to calm focus

* Define what your success will look and feel like

* Design your Shortcut to Success planner


You’ll also ...

* Build your resilience to anxiety

* Take home my 'Tame Your Inner Critic Pocket Guide' (designed by me, based on CBT)

* Try mindfulness and breathing techniques to help you reclaim your headspace

* Develop self-compassion in all aspects of your life


Running order -  all refreshments and a delicious lunch is included

9:30 - Welcome

10am - Session 1

11:30 - Morning Break*

11:45 - Session 2

1:00pm - Delicious lunch*

1:45pm - Session 3

3:00pm - Afternoon Break*

3:15pm - Session 4

5:15 - Round-Up

6:00pm - Close


About Me

They say that my facilitation style is “approachable, warm and friendly” and that my interactive workshops are “valuable, engaging and fun”. See below for previous Hideaway participant’s feedback.

It’s my mission to help you get out of your own way and feel ready to take the next step. For more about me, please see my profile at the bottom of the page.


Your Inner Critic is already saying..

"I don't deserve this" or "I've read a 100 self-help books, I should know how to do this by now..." or "I'm far too busy to take a whole Saturday for myself".

Well, that's just your Inner Critic messing with you. I will show you exactly how you can tame this tiny critical voice during the Hideaway.

The fact is: you do deserve this. Investing in your wellbeing will help you to achieve your goals, but the things you'll learn on the day can also positively impact your work, your relationships, and your physical wellbeing.

You can reclaim your headspace, and the life you deserve to have.


Join us!




Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

The minimum age is 18.


What are my transportation options for getting to and from the event?

The Principal Hotel, Oxford Street, Manchester, M60 7HA



How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Email Jess@JessBaker.co.uk


What's the refund policy?

There is no refund available for this event.


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, I prefer to save trees. Please bring your email-ticket with you.


Can I update my registration information?



Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

Please let me know via email if you are buying or transferring your ticket for someone else. I need their name and contact details in advance of the One-Day Hideaway, otherwise they won't be admitted.


Previous Hideaway Participants say this: 


"The day gave me focus and space to think objectively"

"I found the hideout on Eventbrite as I was actively searching for my next learning and development opportunity, and the hideout was just this. Being in the group of women that Jess facilitated, was supportive and empowering. In the afternoon we broke into small groups, which allowed further investigation of our self-sabotaging behaviour and how we can overcome it. The day gave me focus and space to think objectively about my lifestyle, and awareness of how I hold myself back, which will help my future. Thank you Jess." Chloe Morris, CEO Pink Flamingo Marketing


"Her approach was practical and compassionate"

"Jess held a beautiful space for women to discuss their professional and personal lives. Her approach was practical and compassionate, and she created a safe environment for people to discuss their hopes and fears. The hideaway was in a stunning location and everyone benefitted from the time out to reflect and share ideas. I’d highly recommend Jess as a leadership coach, motivator and workshop facilitator” Deborah Rose, Singer /Songwriter


"It was a relief actually to have given myself this gift!"

"Hi Jess, I wanted to say how much I really enjoyed your Hideaway, for a variety of reasons. It was great to be in a group of women who felt able to talk freely about what was going on for them. I usually find groups like this difficult but you set up a space for us where open-ness was appreciated and encouraged, it was really lovely.

It was interesting for me also, as a Women’s Therapist and Coach to come and be part of such a group, not as a facilitator but a participant. Others were asking me why I was there, as I must have skills and tools to not need to be. This is of course correct, but I can’t emphasise to others how important it is to be on the receiving end of personal development from someone who has your back, rather than trying to do this for oneself every day!  It was a relief actually to have given myself this gift! Some really helpful reminders in the content, which was familiar to me but different to the way I work.

The whole day appeared effortless, and flowed with ease - I know therefore that it was really well planned and that you put in a lot of work to make it so!  Thank you!  The follow up phone call was such a bonus, I looked forward to it, and felt really heard/held due to this". Chrissy Reeves, Women’s Therapist and Coach


"I felt motivated, moving towards achieving my goals with a sense of joy!" 

"Just WOW, from start to finish this was an amazing experience! The venue was exactly like it said on the tin, and everyone meting over refreshments made the group feel relaxed. Jess was full of energy and made the day feel positive and fun. She was so engaging and managed to create a connection between the whole group with each person speaking frankly and made to feel heard. I think she used a variety of great tools to help us understand our Inner Critic but cleverly showed us how to dispute it and claim back self-confidence. The meditation was a great note to finish on and so useful, I will definitely be using it on a daily basis as I felt pure serenity. By using the workbook after getting home, I felt motivated, moving towards achieving my goals with a sense of joy! Everyone women needs a heavenly hideaway experience!"  Miranda Goudge, Artist




Speaker & Events

I’ve been told that I’m a natural facilitator and an engaging speaker. All I know is that I love doing both.

Recent examples include being booked as keynote speaker for the national retailer, CoOp, for their International Women’s Day celebration; Women Into Leadership, London and Manchester; and #IWD2020 is also filling up with the women’s empowerment   #SheStartedIt and I’ll be giving a key note for a new corporate client on the subject of #EachforEqual.

it’ll be my second year at Orbit Fitness Festival 2020, Shropshire in June 2020. Bloom (Olympia London, July 2020) have invited me back (my fifth year!) to speak at their annual national wellbeing event. It’d be lovely to see you!



Key themes

There are several themes that clients ask me to speak on, as key note, workshops or for conference breakout sessions. And there are a wide range of topics that I’m passionate about.

My talks have a connecting thread: helping the audience get onto a virtuous circle so they can enjoy being the most confident version of themselves, at work, in relationships and at home.

Suggest a theme

In true improv style, I’d be delighted to take a suggestion from the audience. If there is a specific topic that you’ve got in my mind, do contact me on jess@jessbaker.co.uk.


I facilitate face to face workshops as part of my Women Leadership Programmes, for corporate clients, and for women in my community.

My training content, see the model below, is based on evidence from psychology, neuroscience and mindful self-compassion, and my own professional and personal experience including perfoming arts techniques.


I’m in my zone when facilitating discussions, encouraging attendees to learn from each other’s experience, and sharing my own professional and personal experience.

All of my workshops are interactive and action-based. I offer real life examples (case studies, and my own epxerience) to bring theory to life, and to keep things real.

Small tweaks can lead to huge changes, and I don’t believe you have to walk on coals to unleash your true potential.


Choose your format for the workshops:

* 90-minute sessions [up to 30 attendees]

* Half-day interactive workshops [up to 15 attendees]

* Full-day interactive workshops [up to 15 attendees]

* 3.5 Day off-site development programmes [up to 15 delegates]

Radio, Podcasts & Press

When I’m not empowering others face-to-face, I’m sharing insights from my personal and professional experience on radio and podcasts.


The first time a BBC Radio producer contacted me I almost fell off my seat. But given that I’ve usually got an opinion (and hopefully, something of value) to share, it’s the perfect medium (and I secretly like the adrenalin rush that comes afterwards).


Several people have interviewed me recently on wellbeing topics.

You can listen to my interview with the lovely Sherry Bevan, on The Confident Mother Podcast on How to Tame Your Inner Critic.

Hear Nicola Semple and I over-share in this episode of The Good Life Well-Lived Podcast. We discuss How to Tame Your Inner Critic, and I don’t think I’ve laughed so much while talking about it before.

When Gemma McCrae from the Prosperity Kitchen Podcast and I talked about Low Self-Esteem, I had so much to say on the topic that she released it as a two-part episode on her podcast. Click here for Low Self-Esteem Part 1 and Low Self-Esteem Part 2.


In Print

When journalists ask for my expert opinion, it’s usually on the broad topics of being a woman, or psychology, or both. Over the years I’ve been featured in a variety of women’s magazines and business articles (e.g. Modern Woman, Woman’s Health, Boots Health & Beauty magazine, Very.co.uk, NatWest online.) and I write regaulr articles for HR Zone magazine on employee engagement, reslience, and confidence at work.


Social Media

Check out my Facebook (Jess Baker, Women’s Leadership Coach) business page for updates of events and heated debate.

Find my mini-blogs on Instagram @therealjessbaker, or catch daily bites and debates on twitter @jsgbaker  follow my #empoweryourself #tameyourinnercritic and my body-positive #elbowselfie hashtags.

Jess was really engaging and a great speaker.

She gently forced me to consider the self-doubt and lack of self-esteem that often is behind my reaction to certain situations at work.

I left the masterclass very positively enthused to swap the “imposter syndrome” inside me for a new and positive “inspiration” syndrome!

Vanna Aldin

Chief Economist & Head of Analytics, Foods Standards Agency

“The Imposter Syndrome and Managing Your Inner Critic workshop delivered by Jess Baker was thought provoking and instructive. Jess presents in such a calm and soothing manner that it creates the perfect safe environment for participants to share their inner most criticisms of themselves.

Excellent session and would thoroughly recommend this.”

Joan McGarvey

Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

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