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As well as live speaking gigs, since moving from London to Ludlow, and since Covid got us all working remotely, I’ve perfected online delivery of live interactive webinars that are also…

“Deeply engaging, even via a small my computer screen”  Total UK

“Thought provoking and incredibly engaging”  Wiley & Sons

“Delivered in an extremely professional and personable style”  Federation of Small Businesses


My clients rely on my skills to deliver webinars that employees actually want to turn up to. I also continue to deliver in person too, in the UK and overseas to meet with my clients face to face.

Compassionate Leadership Jess Baker Psychologist Coach Author

Compassionate Leadership: The Answer to Everything

This sessions builds on 20 years of research that shows being compassionate to yourself and others also benefits the team and organisation.

Breaking myths surrounding emotions, defining the types of empathy, giving your team a shared language, a simple framework, and the tools to implement Compassionate Leadership quickly and effectively to improve wellbeing, engagement, productivity and retention… and who wouldn’t want that?

How to Tackle the Imposter Syndrome & Claim Your Accomplishments

The fear of being exposed is crippling. According to research, 70% of us will feel like an “imposter” at some point in our career. We tell ourselves that we were hired by mistake, and tend to discount our qualifications and experience.

In this interactive session we’ll explore the psychological and social factors that keep the “imposter syndrome” alive and well. We’ll work through key techniques that will increase your self-worth, allow you to feel entitled to success, and become a better role-model for women coming up the ladder behind you.

Stop Self-Sabotaging & Find your Focus 

Discover why you self-sabotage (we all do!), what causes it, and how to overcome it. In this session you’ll learn lots of practical techniques that will help you Increase productivity as well as enhance your self-belief and courage.

Drawing on the fields of psychology and mindfulness self-compassion, you are encouraged to reflect during and after this interactive session and you will be ready to take action.

Enhancing your Mental Resilience 

Work-place stressors are often unavoidable, especially in this current climate. We’ll explore a variety of stress triggers and our automatic mental and physical reactions to these stressors.

You’ll discover a range of coping strategies that draw on positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural models, so that you can restore and protect your own wellbeing, and that of your team and co-workers. 

My Approach

It’s my goal to make psychological theory relevant to your business, practical and easy to implement. I like to ‘keep things real’ (where appropriate, I share my experience with the imposter syndrome or self-sabotaging behaviour or inner critic… it helps to bring the content to life so that my audience feels seen, heard and included).

With twenty year’s experience, I draw on my expertise as Chartered Business Psychologist, neuroscience, Positive Psychology, as well as training in stand-up comedy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindful Self-Compassion. I have also been coaching online for several years, present to audience of 50-15,000, and I feel very comfortable in front of the camera.

All of my workshops are interactive and action-based. I’m in my zone when facilitating discussions, encouraging attendees to learn from each other’s experience. As well as research, I also offer real life examples (case studies, and my own experience) to bring theory to life, and to keep things real. Small tweaks can lead to huge changes, and I don’t believe you have to walk on coals to unleash your true potential.

“It was so valuable. I made lots of notes of things I can put into practice immediately!”  VACT


What You’ll Get

* 60-90 minute live online workshop (some sessions run up to 2 hours with comfort breaks and live Q&A)
* Interactive (I set up a theme, ask the audience to reflect and answer questions to encourage self-awareness and personal development during the session) 
* Up to 15,000 people
* Pre-work (short reading, or questionnaire) 
* Workbook PDF to refer to during the workshop, makes notes on and keep for personal reflection 
* Comprehensive list of useful and relevant resources
* Webinar recording for you to download to your company’s server
* Follow-Up Workbook to aid reflection and putting learning into practice
Other delivery options, depending on the programme you need, include
* Half-day interactive workshops
* Full-day interactive workshops
* 3-10 Days off-site development programmes

What Would Suit Your Audience?

As your needs are specific, we could work together to co-create bespoke webinars for your audience. Here are some examples of other webinar themes:

  • Psychological Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Online Presence for team leaders
  • Change management: Pivoting
  • Putting Teal Organisation & Holacracy Principles into Practice


“I could have crawled through the screen and listened to Jess for hours”


Click through to read my recent blogs on the subject of Transitioning to the New Normal and Is it Possible to Focus While Working from Home and 47 Productivity Hacks for Working from Home.

Jess was really engaging and a great speaker.

She gently forced me to consider the self-doubt and lack of self-esteem that often is behind my reaction to certain situations at work.

I left the masterclass very positively enthused to swap the “imposter syndrome” inside me for a new and positive “inspiration” syndrome!

Vanna Aldin

Chief Economist & Head of Analytics, Foods Standards Agency

“The Imposter Syndrome and Managing Your Inner Critic workshop delivered by Jess Baker was thought provoking and instructive. Jess presents in such a calm and soothing manner that it creates the perfect safe environment for participants to share their inner most criticisms of themselves.

Excellent session and would thoroughly recommend this.”

Joan McGarvey

Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

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