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Nicola invited me to talk about how to Tame Your Inner Critic when she came across my Tame Your Inner Critic FREE 5 -day online challenge.

“Welcome to Episode 8 of The Good Life Well Lived podcast where I am joined by Jess Baker. Jess is a Business Psychologist, Leadership Coach, creator of the Tame Your Inner Critic programme and in her spare time she dabbles in stand up comedy.

I don’t know about you but my inner critic is an unwelcome companion that tends to put in an appearance when I least want it to.

Jess shares some brilliant advice and techniques we can all use to put our inner critic in it’s place so that we can get on and do the things we want to do in our life.”

Mindfulness and the Inner Critic

Not only does Nicola have a relaxed and approachable style, we’ve both trained in and regularly practice, Mindfulness. In our discussion we discuss the benefits of meditation as a useful way to notice what your Inner Critic says about you; and the benefits of simply being aware of the breath. I hope you enjoy it.




Jess Baker Psychologist Coach

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