How to Tame Your Inner Critic

I was interviewed by the lovely Sherry Bevan, from The Confident Mother podcast, on How to Tame Your Inner Critic.

Listen to the podcast episode here

Here’s why Sherry wanted to talk about the the Inner Critic: “So many of the women that I often talk to or work with struggle to tame their Inner Critic. Those “You’re not good enough” thoughts in your head. The fear of being ‘found out’.

Often these thoughts stop us from doing our best work and making a bigger impact at work so that we can take our career to the next level.

I was intrigued by Jess Baker’s FREE 5-Day Tame Your Inner Critic Challenge that runs throughout the year.

So, I invited Jess to give us the inside scoop on how to manage our Inner Critic so that we feel more confident.

Jess shares three key facts to help us understand the inner critic (sometimes described as the imposter syndrome):

*Our brain is wired to protect us and prevent us messing up

*We can’t ‘stop’ those inner critic thoughts

*But often those inner critic thoughts are based on lies or false evidence

Jess then goes onto share some simple yet REALLY powerful techniques to tame and disempower your Inner Critic.”


My struggle with my own Inner Critic

I’m far from ashamed about talking about my own personal experience with the Inner Critic. In fact, it’s necessary to express one’s inner-most fears, because then it’s easier to deal with them rationally.

You’ll hear me share some of my deepest fears here as I try to be as honest as possible to give listeners a really solid understanding of how easy it is to be tricked and shamed by your very own thoughts… and how to respond to them effectively.

Jess Baker Psychologist Coach

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