Tame Your Inner Critic with Jess Baker

Tame Your Inner Critic


Facilitated by Jess Baker Psychologist & Coach

This is a gentle mind-hacking heart-centred programme for people who want to swap their self-criticism and self-doubt for confidence, courage and self-compassion.


Would you like to…

Stop doubting yourself and confidently own your accomplishments

Worry less, and feel more in control of your life

Get on with your goals instead of accidentally sabotaging them

Be as kind to yourself, as you are towards other people

Saying “Yes” to any of these?


Then you’re in the right place!


If you want to have more confidence in yourself, so that you can focus on the things you want to have in life, like enjoying a healthy relationships with yourself or others, or a successful career or business, then what are you waiting for?












But maybe your Inner Critic is already saying
“This won’t work”
“15 days isn’t long enough”
“I won’t see it through”
… but that’s your Inner Critic maintaining its power over you.
And you can change that.


Join us to . . .

Discover why your self-talk is so powerful, and learn how to re-programme your mind

Disrupt your Inner Critic to build your resilience to anxiety, and feel more in control

Develop the courage, confidence and self-compassion to achieve your dreams!

It’s your choice.


We’re good at pretending we feel “fine” because the Inner Critic makes you believe you are the only person feeling this way.



But you are not the only one.



Over 1,000 women have been through this programme already.

They call it “Life-changing” 

“Better than reading 100 self-help books” 

“It’s transformed my way of thinking forever” 

“It’s reduced my procrastination and self-sabotage” 

“I believe I deserve so much more and I now have the confidence to go after it”

The ONLY thing holding you back from getting the confidence you know you deserve, is your Inner Critic. And I can show you how to pacify it.









Tame Your Inner Critic with Jess Baker

Each day moves you closer to having more confidence and courage


Day 1 Pre-Challenge Module

Day 3: Befriending Your Inner Critic

Day 5: Not Allowing the Past to Dictate Your Future

Day 8: The Emotional Shift

Day 10: Your Self-Sabotages

Day 12: Taking the Power Back

Day 14: Next Steps Module!

Plus there are bonus exercises that encourage you to be as kind to yourself as you are to other people


During the 15 days you’ll also have access to…

Daily training videos, where I explain everything you need to know

Online worksheets, for you to download and keep

Guided meditations recorded for this challenge, helping you to calm your mind

You have direct 24/7 access to course content from anywhere in the world and can track your personal progress

LIVE Q&A zoom call every night to encourage and support you

Powerful Self-Compassion exercises to build your resilience to anxiety and stress 

Our Private Facebook Group, so we can get down ‘n dirty with the Inner Critic in a haven of loveliness

Buckets of support from me and other like-minded women from all over the world

I love running this Challenge because it gets results like these . . .

"A great experience of self-reflection and observation. Jess presents and delivers each topic so it's easy to understand. I'll definitely use her recommendations. If you're thinking of taking part, go for it, you won't be disappointed!"

Sarah Chopra, Nutritionist, WA

"What I love about the Tame Your Inner Critic Challenge is that it's the perfect combination of practical advice backed up by psychological research. Jess was gentle, kind and encouraging"

Judi Craddock, Body Confidence Coach



Join us!


How and when will I access the online modules?

All content is hosted on my member’s-only online Coaching Hub.

Just before the start date you’ll receive an email from me with your personal login link.

The modules will drip every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the 15 day challenge.

How & When can I join the Live Check-In Calls?

These interactive live check-in calls will be held on zoom. (You don’t need to pay extra for zoom, you will just click the link I’ll send you).

There will be 6 live calls in total.

The calls will be at 6pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday of each week during the 15 day challenge. 

You will receive all this information just before the programme start date.

Call content: I’ll recap or explain additional  content and answer your questions live. 

You will not have to be on camera. But you can be. It’s nice to see faces!

You will not need to speak. You can ask me questions in the ‘chat’ box. 

Each live call will be recorded so, if you can’t join us live, you can watch the replay. I will post the link in the Coaching Hub for you to find easily. 


What if I miss a Check-In Call?

The Check-In Calls will be recorded for you to watch again, pause, fast forward etc. The live calls are the best way for me to answer your questions and offer as much support as you need.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email Jess@JessBaker.co.uk 

I'm busy, but I'm interested, will have access AFTER the 15 days?
  • Yes!
  • Once you are registered for this round you will receive *lifetime access* for this content
  • *Lifetime access* means for as long as I am running this programme (this is the third year)
  • I foresee the registration fee increasing in the future
Do I really need this right now?
  • I guess at some level you think you would benefit from it, because you’re reading this.
  • We all need an extra level of encouragement
  • This programme enables you to continue to support yourself – you will never unlearn the insights you’ll have about yourself, and that’s the beauty of personal development
I'm a coach / therapist, can I book on to this?

Yes! Many of my clients are coaches and therapists. We all need someone else to coach and guide us, as I do too. This will be a useful reminder of some things you might already know, and there will be lots of techniques that will be new to you.

What's the minimum age for this event?
The minimum age is 18.
What's the refund policy?

There is no refund available for this programme.

If you’re uncertain about joining because you don’t think you’re going to benefit from it, perhaps this programme is not the right programme for you for at the moment.

"Jess provides a gentle and safe journey, giving you compassionate guidance. The videos, worksheets and meditations were really valuable. I recommend everyone take this heartfelt journey to self empowerment."

Cherie Bennett

"If you're finding that little voice in your head is getting too much air time then try this! Jess's TYIC challenge was just brilliant! She delivers the content in a very relaxed manner, however it is clear that she really knows her stuff."

Nicola Semple, Mindset Coach

Hello! I’m Jess Baker

You might be wondering who I am and what qualifies me to run this programme…

I’m a Chartered Business Psychologist (BSc, MSc, CPsychol), a Women’s Leadership Coach, and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

In 2004 I swapped a clinical career in the NHS for the corporate world, and have spent 16 years delivering leadership development programmes for local and global corporate clients, speaking on stage and radio, and working 1:1 with coaching clients.

I’ve also had a raging Inner Critic my whole life – more about her later – and during the past seven years, I’ve applied my specialist training to my own life. I’ve discovered and created a range of tools and techniques that help people to disempower their Inner Critic, boost their self-worth, and encourage them to believe in themselves. Sound cheesy? I hope not.

Have you experienced the Imposter Syndrome? Have you ever sabotaged your own goals? Me too! My clients say they enjoy working with me because I can understand how they feel.

You can hear me being interviewed on BBC radio and podcasts, watch me on BBC News, or read articles in the Telegraph, Boots Health & Beauty Magazine, Women’s Health, Very. Red, Wired UK, HR Zone, and Natwest Women.

As a Trustee of BelEve UK charity, I help develop online and interactive leadership programmes that empower girls aged 8-18 in schools and communities in SE London, where I’m originally from.

"I loved taking part in Jess' TYIC. Her gentle voice guided me through the meditations and 'challenges' of looking at my Inner Critic, how it affects me and how I have the power to tame it and stop it from holding me back"

Vicki Baumann, Yoga Teacher

We go LIVE in...