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Are you a woman who’d like to achieve more in life, but your limiting beliefs are holding you back?

Do you waste your time fretting about things you can’t change, or things that haven’t happened yet?

Would you like to know how to be less self-critical and more self-confident?

You’re in the right place!

Discover how to Tame Your Inner Critic by tuning into your critical voice (Critical FM), releasing yourself from its grip, and freeing up headspace to focus on things you deserve to have in your life.


During this 5 day Challenge you’ll be guided through simple steps to help you develop self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-confidence. 

There’s no miracle cure. Just techniques that work.

And a whole lotta support from me (and 200+ women) in the private Facebook group.


It’s totally free. You just need to turn up.

"Jess provides a gentle and safe journey, giving you compassionate guidance. The videos, worksheets and meditations were really valuable. I recommend everyone take this heartfelt journey to self empowerment."

Cherie Bennet

Each day you’ll receive. . .
Short training videos, with full transcripts, where I explain everything you need to know

Online worksheets, so you can download and edit or print off to write your notes

Guided meditations recorded especially for this challenge, helping you to manage your mindset
All content delivered straight to your inbox, so you can access it any time from anywhere in the world
Facebook Live Check-In calls each night to ask me questions, and share your insights
Build your resilience to anxiety and stress, by taming your Inner Critic and getting on with the life you deserve
Our Private Facebook Group, so we can get down ‘n dirty with the Inner Critic in a haven of loveliness
Buckets of support from me and 200+ women in the group from all over the world

Are you ready to Tame Your Inner Critic and

focus on the things you deserve to have in life?


Join us for the next LIVE round!

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Tame Your Inner Critic Challenge Jess Baker Psychologist

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"I loved taking part in Jess' TYIC. Her gentle voice guided me through the meditations and 'challenges' of looking at my Inner Critic, how it affects me and how I have the power to tame it and stop it from holding me back"

Vicki Baumann

"If you're finding that little voice in your head is getting too much air time then try this! Jess's TYIC challenge was just brilliant! She delivers the content in a very relaxed manner, however it is clear that she really knows her stuff."

Nicola Semple

"A great experience of self-reflection and observation. Jess presents and delivers each topic that is easy to understand. I'll definitely use her recommendations. If you're thinking of taking part, go for it, you won't be disappointed!"

Sarah Chopra

Don’t self-sabotage any longer!

Claim the confidence you deserve to have in life.




You’ll be tuning into your Inner Critic, noticing what it says, and understanding where it stems from
You’ll get simple daily exercises to help you interrupt your Inner Critic and build your resilience to anxiety and stress
You’ll learn to choose how you react to your Inner Critic, leaving you feeling more in control and self-confident

“TYIC was profoundly helpful. I began to untangle my overwhelmed mind. I’ve read a lot of self-help books over many years, but this 5 day challenge was so much more helpful and insightful. Thank you x”

Sandra Salter

"What I love about TYIC is that it's the perfect combination of practical advice backed up by psychological research. Jess was gentle, kind and encouraging"h

Judy Craddock

"Jess is excellent at what she does. She's empowering, kind, sympathetic and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend working with her!"

Jackie Mouzo

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Tame Your Inner Critic Challenge Jess Baker Psychologist
Tame Your Inner Critic Challenge Jess Baker Psychologist
About Jess Baker
Jess Baker is a Chartered Psychologist, Women’s Leadership Coach, and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

She works across a range of industries designing and delivering leadership development programmes for large corporate clients, and wants to help empower a much wider audience of women ready to step into their light.

Jess is a passionate coach, has dabbled in stand-up comedy, and is often told she’s an engaging facilitator.

She shares her expertise on stage at wellbeing events (Love Natural Love You, Bloom, Orbit Fitness Festival), and at business conferences (Women Into Leadership, Unleash).

Jess also contributes to women’s health and business magazines (Boots Health & Beauty, Modern Woman, Women’s Health, HR Zone, Natwest Women) and is regularly invited for interview on BBC Radio and podcasts.

She is also a Trustee of BelEve UK, helping to empower girls aged 8-18 through leadership programmes in schools and communities.