Super-Helper Syndrome JESS BAKER ROD VINCENT

Super-Helper Syndrome JESS BAKER ROD VINCENT

What is Super-Helper Syndrome?

Selective List of Articles on Super-Helper Syndrome  – just click a title to take you there

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Are you always putting others above yourself? These are the signs you have ‘super-helper syndrome’ – Stylist, Dec 2022


“Super-helper syndrome”: 4 ways to help you unlearn compulsive helping habits and protect your time and energy – Stylist, Jan 2023


PODCASTS with psychologists Jess Baker / Rod Vincent 

The Super Helper Syndrome: A Survival Guide for Compassionate People – The Happy Menopause Podcast – The Happy Menopause Podcast with Jackie Lynch


Are you a Super-Helper? with Jess Baker – Women on a Mission with Sue Revell


Understanding Super-helper Syndrome  – The Perkins Platform. with Dr Brian Perkins



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